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Paleo Eats: 10/6/11

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After learning how to potentially make money off this blog at my food writing class, I drove to my real job to burn the midnight oil.

Since I hadn’t eaten dinner, I scarfed down the meal I had packed from home mid-shift: sous vide goat loin chops, carrot & parsnip puree, and stir-fried spigarello and bacon.

I was still a little peckish when I finished, so I also polished off a grass fed PaleoKit.

When I returned from work in the morning, I blitzed my sister’s green marinade in the Vitamix

…and poured it over a big bag of chicken thighs.

I stuck the chicken in the fridge to marinate until dinner time and I hit the sack.

When I woke up in the evening, I roasted the thighs in the oven…

roasted kabocha squash wedges in the toaster oven

…and made a quick tomato and basil salad.

While I was waiting for everything to finish cooking, I steamed a large purple cauliflower…

…and blitzed a colorful batch of Paleo Comfort Foods’ mashed cauliflower

…that I stored in the fridge. I’ll be frosting it on top of the Farmer’s Pie I make for tomorrow’s dinner. Can’t wait!

Once the the kabocha and chicken were finished roasting…

…dinner was served.

After dinner, I did some exercise in the garage and drove to work. Yep, duty calls…

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