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Hooray! It’s the Friday before Mother’s Day! That means I’m just two days away from being pampered by my husband and kids. Am I right?

Forky Friday 5/10/13 by Michelle Tam of



Let’s get back to my weekly roundup of cool links from the wild, wild web. This edition of Forky Friday is packed with lots of fun nuggets: a news segment featuring the Paleo Parents, a great salt primer, and a slew of tempting springtime recipes to whip up this weekend. You know – for your long suffering mother. *Ahem.*

The only thing that makes me happier than seeing Paleo get positive coverage in the news? When the subjects being profiled are my pals! Check out Matt, Stacy, and their adorable brood on the boob tube! 


I recently got a sneak peek of Matt and Stacy’s new cookbook, Beyond Bacon, and it looks fab. Beautifully designed and photographed, the book is overflowing with great recipes and information about porky head-to-tail dining. Is your curiosity piqued? Click here to find out more.

Forky Friday 5/10/13 by Michelle Tam of

Speaking of new cookbooks, the super-talented couple behind Health-Bent is about to release one, too. I’m a HUGE fan of Megan and Brandon Keatleys’ recipes and no-nonsense writing style, so of course I pre-ordered a copy as soon as I could. Want more deets? Get ‘em here and here.


(image courtesy of Health-Bent)

Now, onto the cooking portion of the post…

  • I truly believe that one of the keys to great cooking is knowing how to properly salt your food. If you’re a newbie cook, read this great primer on salt from The Food Lab. 

Forky Friday 5/10/13 by Michelle Tam of

  • Still on the fence about joining a CSA? Here’s a succinct article from Serious Eats that lists the pros and cons. (Spoiler: the pros definitely outweigh the cons.)

What’s been popping up in my CSA box lately? Carrots and strawberries! I’m so excited by their appearance that I’m dedicating the rest of today’s Forky Friday to these two delicious, healthy delights.

First up: Carrots!

  • Haphazardly chopping your carrots may have worked for you when you were a novice cook, but all aspiring kitchen ninjas should watch the video below to see how a pro hacks up his carrots:

After checking out that video, I bet you’re hankering for some carrot recipes, right? I’ve gotcha covered:

Forky Friday 5/10/13 by Michelle Tam of
  • My favorite way to cook carrots is to roast them and drizzle on aged balsamic vinegar after they’re plated. This recipe in the New York Times looks crazy good, as does George (The Civilized Caveman) Bryant’s recipe for Dill Roasted Carrots.

Last, but not least: Strawberry time!

Forky Friday 5/10/13 by Michelle Tam of

  • Here’s a quick video on how to remove the tops efficiently:
  • If you wanna make stuff with your strawberries instead of just munching on them, check out this awesomely zany method to make strawberry jam. Oh, and this grain-free Strawberry Tart from Deliciously Organic looks phenomenal, don’t you think?

Okay, gang – I’m all linked out. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there. Over and out!

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