Podcast Archive

Each week (or every other week, if we’re feeling lazy), our family gathers around the dining room table to record our podcast. In each episode, we go behind the scenes here at Nom Nom Paleo and dive into delicious recipes, food trends, and our culinary (and non-culinary) adventures. We occasionally interview people and tell dumb jokes, too.

(Yeah, it’s been a little while since we last recorded a podcast episode ’cause Henry and I were busy writing and designing our new cookbook, but never fear: We’ll be back soon with a new season of nomtastic goodies for your ear-holes!)

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Episode 1: The Saga Begins (4/16/15)

Episode 2: Oooh! Mommy! (4/23/15)

Episode 3: Top Chef’s Gregory Gourdet (4/30/15)

Episode 4: Viva Las Veggies! (5/7/15)

Episode 5: Desperation Dinners! (5/14/15)

Episode 6: Party On! (5/21/15)

Episode 7: Traveling While Paleo! (5/28/15)

Episode 8: A Day In The Life (6/6/15)

Episode 9: The Perfect Steak (6/16/15)

Episode 10: Essential Cooking Tools (6/28/15)

Episode 11: I Love Big Butts (7/14/15)

Episode 12: Paleo Desserts! (7/29/15)

Episode 13: In Case of Emergency! (8/12/15)

Episode 14: One Time At Meat Camp & Grilling Tips (9/1/15)

Episode 15: Twenty Questions! (10/6/15)

Episode 16: Camp Nerd Fitness (11/23/15)

Episode 17: VietNomNomPaleo! (1/10/16)


Episode 18: Wonton Fever! (4/1/17)

Episode 19: Ready or Not! (6/20/17)