My pal Liz Wolfe is one of the coolest people on the planet. It’s easy to feel inadequate around her; after all, she’s the brainy beauty behind one of my favorite blogs, Real Food Liz (née Cave Girl Eats), co-host of the ultra-popular Balanced Bites podcast, loving wife to the equally awesome Spence, and a homesteader who raises chickens, guineas, and goats. What can’t she do? Liz is the complete package: whip-smart, outrageously witty, naturally gorgeous, and pee-your-pants funny. Best of all, she’s one of the most sincerely kind and generous people I know.

Eat The Yolks / Nom Nom Paleo Giveaway!

And now, my overachieving friend has just raised the bar. Liz’s new book, Eat The Yolks, was just released TODAY! I love this practical, myth-busting book because it’s just like Liz: hilarious, smart, sensible, and completely relatable. There were so many times when I was reading the book when I’d exclaim out loud, “OMG, me, too!” 

Liz’s passion for real food comes across on every page. With humor and style, she pokes holes in conventional wisdom about health and nutrition, tackling all the questions that all Paleo eaters are asked by curious friends and family: Why are whole grains not so wholesome? Won’t eating meat make your arteries explode? Aren’t egg yolks bad for you? 

Eat The Yolks / Nom Nom Paleo Giveaway!

The book’s debunkery is anything but dry or judgmental — Liz uncovers nutritional truths in a cheeky, easygoing style that’ll keep you turning the pages. It’s like hanging out with your funniest friend who also happens to know a ton about real food and its effects. But as Liz reminds readers, it’s not about Paleo Puritanism, it’s about eating whole, nutrient-dense food. Eat The Yolks is packed with encouragement and practical advice for real people. This is evident from my favorite line in the book:

“Someone once told me that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly at first. So go out there and royally suck at finding, growing, or cooking healthy food…You are worthy of the truth, and you’re worthy of good nutrition.”

Also: I love that Liz quotes G.I. Joe cartoon PSAs. (By the way, who else here is a fan of the bizarro parodies of these PSAs?)

Eat The Yolks / Nom Nom Paleo Giveaway!

Liz is a quiet revolutionary who’s able to change minds with her charmingly-presented, well-reasoned arguments. This book’ll convince you that everything “bad” for you is actually great for you (and vice versa!). Seriously: grab a copy of this book now. It’s that good.

To celebrate the release of Eat The Yolks, Liz and I are teaming up to offer a special giveaway to my readers! The grand prize package includes:

  • A signed copy of Eat The Yolks!
  • A set of three Lodge cast iron skillets (you know — so you can fry tons and tons of eggs)! I’m talking about a 12-inch (perfect for searing steaks!), an 8-inch (awesome for frittatas!), and a 6.5-inch (for single-serving fluffy scrambles!). (Need a reminder about how to season your cast iron skillets? Look no further!)
  • A limited edition Nom Nom Paleo action figure!
  • A pair of Nom Nom Paleo knee-high socks!

Watch Liz’s video about the giveaway…

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