A Week of Paleo Meals (Shopping List + Meal Plan) by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com Image courtesy of Kimberley Hasselbrink/The Kitchn

(Image courtesy of Kimberley Hasselbrink/The Kitchn)

I get this request at least a few times a week: Can you tell me exactly how to shop, plan, and cook a week of easy, delicious, and budget-friendly Paleo meals? Well, at long last, your wish is my command! I recently partnered with the fine folks at The Kitchn to put together a game plan for you.

You can access the meal plan, recipes, and shopping list by visiting The Kitchn!

What’s on the menu, you ask?

(The Kitchn has posted my recipes on their site, but I’ve linked to my original recipe posts with step-by-step photos below!)

Monday: Pressure Cooker Kalua Pig

Tuesday: Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice and leftover Kalua Pig

Wednesday: Fiona’s Phenomenal Grilled Green Chicken

Thursday: Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs

Friday: Crab + Avocado Temaki

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About Michelle Tam

Hello! My name is Michelle Tam, and I love to eat. I think about food all the time. It borders on obsession. I’ve always loved the sights and smells of the kitchen. My mother was (and is) an excellent cook, and as a kid, I was her little shadow as she prepared supper each night. From her, I gained a deep, abiding love for magically transforming pantry items into mouth-watering family meals.

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