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Microwaved Spaghetti Squash

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Prior to going Paleo, I hated eating spaghetti squash. How the heck is this squeaky, bland vegetable supposed to be a substitute for pasta?

Now that I’m an enlightened cavegirl, I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve tried roasting it in the oven but an hour is a loooooong time to wait for cooked “pasta.”

Enter the microwave.

All my loyal readers know how much I love my microwave ‘cause it’s quick, easy, and doesn’t heat up your kitchen during the hot summer days. Don’t be afraid of this awesome appliance. Even Robb Wolf says it’s okay. Don’t believe me? Listen to the beginning of this podcast.

Here’s how you nuke a small spaghetti squash:

Use a sharp knife to cut it in half. Try not to cut through the stem ‘cause that’s a tough mofo and you might chip your knife. Scrape out the seeds…

…brush on your favorite melted fat, and sprinkle on salt and pepper.

Place the squash cut-side down in a microwave-safe glass container…

…and cover with a lid, making sure to leave a small vent.

Microwave for a total of 8-12 minutes but break up your cooking time. I normally nuke it for 5 minutes, check on it to see if needs to be rotated, add another 3 minutes, check, add another minute, check, etc. When the squash is soft to the touch I stop cooking it.

Let the squash rest for 10 minutes and then scrape up the “noodles” with a fork.

Top with your favorite meaty sauce and enjoy!