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Paleo Turkey Day Menu Ideas

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Turkey Day is only a few days away…

Roast Turkey

(Image by SliceOfChic, shared via Flickr.)

Does everyone have their Thanksgiving plans all set? Anybody stuck hosting a house full of people you despise? Sucks to be you. 

We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving at my in-laws’ yearly potluck. I haven’t finalized what I’m bringing but I think I’ll make endive spears stuffed with crab salad and garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes.

On Black Friday, we’re hosting a small party with friends and I’ll serve a Paleo-style Turducken Junior along with Paleo-friendly sides and chicharrones.  

I thank my lucky stars that I won’t be slaving in the kitchen this year. If I was, I’d peruse these recipes:

Want even more Paleo-friendly Thanksgiving menu ideas?

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