Even though brain-fed zombies are supposed to have infinite stamina, I was definitely waning by the end of today. Hmmmmm…grains + sugars + gluten + 3 hours of sleep might’ve had something to do with the draining of my Paleo super powers.

Screw it.

Nothing a huge-ass mug of black coffee can’t fix, right? I vowed to get through a 12-hour day of lectures, late dinner, and routine blogging even if it killed me. Trust me, the irony of this weekend is not lost on me.

Enough kvetching – what did I eat today?

Before leaving for the symposium, I packed a small Igloo cooler with a package of Applegate Farms organic roast beef, an assortment of PaleoKits, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, and a bunch of crudites…

 …that Fitbomb and I split at lunchtime out in the sunshine.

Although I was slowly killing myself by sitting on my ass for many hours on end, I learned a ton of fantastic information from Paleo luminaries. Plus, it was super fun watching Gary Taubes bait Stephan Guyenet.

I wanted see a rumble in the jungle! (It didn’t happen.)

Don’t get all excited – I’m not gonna do any summaries about the talks. I’m all about the Paleo eats and will leave the heavy lifting to the Paleo smarties out in the blogosphere. All I can tell you is that all the lectures have reinforced my fervent belief that eating Paleo is the ONLY way to go.

It was wonderful meeting and sharing ideas with like-minded cavepeople. I was super excited to hang with Robb Wolf(!)…

…Sarah Fragoso and Chrissy Gower…

…and a bunch of awesome Paleo bloggers like Bill and Hayley…

…Julie (and the offscreen Charles) of Paleo Comfort Foods…

…Melissa and Dallas of Whole9

Dr. B G (don’t we look like sisters?)…

…Cain from Paleo Magazine…

…and a mess o’ other awesome peeps.

I was far and away the most excited to chat with Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades.

Not only have they been spreading the gospel about the amazing healing powers of meat FOR YEARS, this super couple also invented my hands-down favorite home kitchen appliance ever: the SousVide Supreme. I’m so not exaggerating. The water oven is life changing, especially to someone (like me) who’s too busy/lazy to slave away for hours in the kitchen, but is a hardcore foodie nonetheless.

I was floating on air after my short tete a tete with Dr. Mary Dan. 

She even shared with me her sous vide cooking tips! Her preferred method for sous viding salmon: 118F for 20 minutes.

Sitting through eleven lectures was tiring but I stayed awake by reading and sharing snarky tweets from my seat.

Our night ended with an incredibly fun, fun night filled with meat and lively conversation with lovable peeps at Jar restaurant

Sleep is definitely overrated.

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