After we awoke in our new (but hopefully temporary) pad this morning, the Nombomb clan hustled down to the dining room to check out the complimentary breakfast. I may come across as a spendthrift sometimes, but I’m no dummy: I ain’t gonna pass up a free meal.

Sadly, pickings were slim for our little Paleo family. There were gluten-packed carbs up the wazoo.

In the end, we piled our plates with scrambled eggs, sausage patties, and sliced melon.

Why did I think that a free breakfast in the lobby of a hotel would be anything but gross? Perhaps eating Paleo has made me too optimistic.

After our less-than-stellar meal, we dropped the kids off with my parents and drove to CrossFit Palo Alto to attend the Whole9 Nutrition Workshop. Over 100 people packed into the gym today to hear Dallas and Melissa speak – a new attendance record not only for a CrossFit Palo Alto event, but also for a Whole9 seminar.

Fitbomb had to cut out in the middle of the seminar to cheer for Big-O at his Little League game…

…and to attend Lil-O’s preschool fundraising fair.

Hey – one of us has to be a good parent.

While he was gone, I tweeted like a good geeky notetaker and munched on our packed nosh: a nuked yam, roasted chestnuts, and U.S. Wellness Meats beef sticks.

Although we attended Dallas and Melissa’s talk last year, we soaked up lots of new information. Formerly fuzzy concepts were clarified with cool analogies and new diagrams.

Plus, the Hartwigs are all kinds of eye candy.

I can’t even count the many lessons I took away from the seminar. The one that resonated with me the most is that you can’t eat your way out of bad situation – nutrition, sleep, stress, and exercise must be managed. I’m assigning myself some homework: To work on controlling stress and improving my sleep.

One of the highlights of the day was hanging and tweeting with Eva T., Olympian, U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Famer, and CrossFit legend.

She shared with the crowd that training like an athlete won’t make you a healthy person. Amen, sister.

At the end of class, we hawked some shirts and socks before heading back to the hotel.

For dinner, I was inspired by Dallas and Melissa to pile my plate as full of veggies as possible. Besides, the shelves of our mid-sized hotel fridge were buckling from the loads of produce crammed in there.

I dug through our boxes of kitchen supplies…

…and pulled out my trusty cast iron skillet and a jar of Spice Hound’s seasoned sea salt.

I sautéed some cauliflower florets in coconut oil…

…and squeezed some lemon on the cauliflower to add some much needed acid.

As a second vegetable side, I stir-fried a pound of baby Asian greens in coconut oil and seasoned sea salt.

For our protein, I reheated the last of the leftover slow cooker roast chicken and plopped the pieces on top of the veggies.

I gotta get some shut-eye so I’ll be ready to carve up a cow at tomorrow’s whole beast butchering class at 4505 Meats.

Oh – I should mention that you should check back here tomorrow morning. I just might be hosting a bacon giveaway sponsored by the generous peeps at U.S. Wellness Meats.

Yeah, you heard me: BACON.

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