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What The Bleep Is This? Oh, It’s Purple Kohlrabi!

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Honestly, I didn’t know what the heck this vegetable was in my Mariquita Farms CSA box today.

I just thought it was really pretty AND it came topped with greens that I can cook later. I like twofer vegetables (e.g. beets, turnips, etc.).

After looking kohlrabi up on the interwebs, I discovered that it’s in the brassica family so it’s related to broccoli, cabbage, and kale. Simply Recipes (one of my favorite food blogs) has an old post that compiles a crapload of ways to cook it.

Did I follow one of the recipes? No.

Being the lazy cook that I am, I chose to eat it raw. First, I hacked off the greens…

…removed the skin with a vegetable peeler, sliced it, and tossed it with lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper.

How’d it taste? Pretty good. Kinda like an apple but not as sweet or juicy. I’m proud of myself for not letting it rot in the back of the crisper PLUS I learned something new today.

And that’s one to grow on! (Michael J. Fox flashback!)

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