Nom Nom Paleo

Happy Easter! Our Easter dinner was fantastic AND easy to prepare. See? You can entertain on a workday (or worknight)!

I cooked up the 4505 Easter Basket CSA and supplemented the bunny parts with a platter of crispy sous vide chicken thighs (for the kids who didn’t want to eat “Easter meat”) and a tray of broiled asparagus. My chef sister also brought over a bunch of scrummy homemade goodies: long cooked cavolo nero and carrots, smoky ham and vegetable soup, and bacon-y deviled eggs.

Yes, I know the meal wasn’t totally Paleo (e.g. bread in romesco sauce, wine in the sausages, etc.) but I’m totally okay with it because the meal was DELICIOUS. I’m so stuffed — I hope I don’t fall asleep at work!

Ryan Farr is unbelievable! He’s a Jedi master for all things meat. Respect.

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