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Paleo Eats: 4/27/13

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Hey, look! A new Paleo Eats! Remember when I used to post every single day about what I ate? Things have been more than a little crazy over here (and you’ll find out why soon enough!), so photographing and editing daily posts about my meals has taken a backseat to family time. But yesterday, I whipped out the trusty camera again to capture a few food-related Kodak moments.

We were already behind schedule by the time we woke up. Henry was dashing off with power tools to Lil-O’s co-op preschool for a mandatory maintenance day, while I stayed home to help Big-O with his science project. So for a quick, hearty breakfast, I made everyone fried eggs over leftover Pressure-Cooked Kale & Carrots.

While Lil-O busied himself with his Lego collection, Big-O and I turned our focus to his second-grade science project: Making a poster to show how he made yogurt. (Yeah, I know it’s not Paleo, but for you dairy-abstainers, you should definitely check out this recipe for this Simple Coconut Milk Yogurt.) 

Want to see how we transformed a liquid into a solid with the magic of bacteria?

Last week, Big-O and I spent a day documenting the yogurt-making process. We started by heating some pastured full-fat milk to 185°F to kill off any competing bacterial strains…

…before cooling the milk to about 115°F. 

Big-O inoculated the milk with a spoonful of a friend’s homemade yogurt, which provided the starter bacteria for our batch.

Then, we poured it in a jar…

…and placed it in our sous vide cooker set at 110°F, where it sat for about 5 hours. 

After refrigerating the jar overnight, we spooned it into our mouths. Whee! Yogurt!

Even Lil-O tried it, which is pretty amazing, given this kid’s pickiness.

Dairy may not be your thing, but our family does partake in all sorts of fermented goods, including the occasional cup of yogurt. Plus, it makes for a pretty cool science project!

By the time Henry came home, Big-O’s poster was done, and I was already making lunch. I’m busily testing new recipes these days, so I made another platter of grilled lamb chops with mint chimichurri sauce.

Easy, fast, and lip-smackingly good. I served the chops on a bed of salad greens, but everyone ended up eating with their hands.

After the dishes were done, Henry and I threw some clean laundry into a carry-on bag, and deposited the kids at their grandparents before heading off to the airport. We had a flight to catch to Kansas City, and in our rush, we neglected to take pictures of the Mesquite Chicken Salads we bought at Andalé in SFO’s Terminal 3. Yes, it’s airport food, but it’s satisfyingly loaded with grilled chicken and avocado, which is why we make a beeline for Andalé whenever we forget to pack food for our flight. Have them hold the goat cheese if you’re steering clear of dairy, and you’ll have yourself a Paleo-friendly meal to eat on the plane.

We’re in KC now, so I’m going to stop typing and actually go see the city. Toodles, poodles!

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