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Forky Friday: 3/15/13

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TGIFF! Man, am I glad it’s Friday. Henry’s been in Asia all this month (yes, he’s still there) and I’m one tired mother. This weekend, I’m looking forward to chilling with the Double Os and welcoming their poppa back to the States on Sunday. But until then, how about some tasty links to chew on?

In this week’s edition of Forky Friday, I’ve got an inspiring video featuring one of my favorite athletes, the Paleo dining event in Portland, tips for getting your kids on the Paleo bandwagon, lots of delicious recipes, and much more!

Wanna see what’s caught my eye around the web this week?

  • The CrossFit Open kicked off last week with over 138,000 folks competing around the globe, and I’ve been watching with keen interest. My favorite moment thus far? Watching Jenny Labaw kill 13.1 on ONE LEG. Jenny never fails to inspire me with her tenacity and fierce determination. 

  • Raise your hand if you used to be addicted to breakfast cereals. Me, too. Now go read Angelo Coppola’s illuminating post on The Sleazy Story of Cereal’s Success and pat yourself on the back for kicking that ghastly habit.
  • One night only: The Paleo Dinner at Departure in Portland. If I wasn’t working next Thursday, I’d be there in a heartbeat even though Portland is 667 miles away from mi casa. Award-winning Chef Gregory Gourdet’s food is that good.
  • If you’re like me, transitioning your kiddos to the Paleo lifestyle was anything but a cake walk (Wocka! Wocka! Wocka!). My advice: If you remain firm and persistent, it’ll happen. I promise. Need more specific guidance? Read Raising Good Food Kids: The Whole9 FAQ and Russ Crandall’s Making Your Kid A Real Food Foodie. By following their spot-on tips, your kids’ll be begging for meat and veggies in no time.

Ready to do some cooking this weekend?

  • Looking for a fun family brunch treat this weekend? Check out Paleo Parents’ Frozen Waffles, the super popular recipe that was originally only available in their cookbook, Eat Like A Dinosaur. The Double-Os LOVE them.


Now go enjoy your weekend!

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