Nom Nom Paleo

I only ask this because as I try to adopt a paleo lifestyle for myself and my family, I've become an unabashed nom nom paleo copycat... seriously, thanks for all tips and recipes!

So you recently attended the Whole9 Nutrition Workshop... and I just *started* reading their site... so my question is about pork. As I understand it, the folks at Whole9 basically say "no pork" (for a bunch of reasons). You eat pork (like that ground pork stir-fry with the Arizona Dreamin' spice - which is freakin' awesome, BTW)... do you ever plan on cutting it out, or are you cool with it?


I will never cut out pork. Ever. I’m just going to get it from good sources (only pastured, local pigs) and not buy the regular stuff from the supermarket. Remember? I just ordered half a hog from Full of Life Farm and I will eat that with no qualms.

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