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Paleo Eats: 11/15/12

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Okay — deep breath. Before I dive right into my eats for the day, I have a few PSAs for y’all:

Now, where was I?

On my first night back at work, I kept my eats simple and portable: a can of Vital Choice Wild Red sockeye salmon…

…a LunchBots Dips filled with sauerkraut…

…and a couple of squares of Slitti 90% dark chocolate.

I was detained at the hospital for a mandatory training session and came home just in the nick of time to take Lil-O to his gymnastics class. By the time I got home, I was thisclose to abandoning my meal prep plan, but I soldiered on. The show must go on, right?

I seasoned some cubed chuck roast…

…softened sliced onions and garlic with some tomato paste and ghee…

…and simmered Mexican Braised Beef on the stove. Sadly, my oven is busted (AGAIN!), and that makes me want to smash things. (Not joking.)

I gave my mother-in-law instructions to turn off the burner when the beef was tender (in about 3 hours) and trudged off to bed.

When I finally stumbled back out into the kitchen, it was already dark o’clock. I reheated the braised beef…

…mixed in a big dollop of butter into a bowl of organic squash purée…

…and stir-fried a bag of baby kale seasoned with fish sauce and coconut aminos.

Dinner: Done!

I wasn’t exactly thrilled to once again transmogrify into a drug-dealing zombie, but I know the sooner my workweek’s over, the sooner it’ll be Turkey Day. Based on my work schedule, this’ll be the last year I have Thanksgiving off for the next seven years(!). It’s weird to think that Big-O’s going to be a gawky teenager the next time I celebrate Thanksgiving with him, so I’m really gonna try to savor my time off with the family. It’s almost been a year since Anna passed away, and I’ve made a conscious effort in 2012 to prioritize my family and friends above all else. Life’s just too short, yo.

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