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Notes from the Rockies (Part 2)

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Cathy Lewis hosted a welcome potluck for us last night, and it was ridiculously great.

First, the jaw-dropping view from her back porch:

And, of course, there was the fabulous company…

…including some unexpected guests.

The Paleo potluck food contributed by Cathy and her friends was incredible — and not just because most of it was inspired by Mel and me! 

We had toasted coconut chips

kale and stone fruit salad

…sweet potato slaw…

…buffalo burgers seasoned with Magic Mushroom Powder

…chimichurri sauce…

…grilled pesto chicken…

…bacon-wrapped pineapple chicken…

…elk chocolate chili

Moroccan meatballs

…and coconut maple pumpkin custard.

Hands-down, best Paleo potluck ever.

I am so damn grateful. That is all.

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