My Sundays off are wonderful, and today was no exception. Not only did I get to sleep in past 7:00 a.m., but I also discovered that I got a nice shout-out on Mark’s Daily Apple for my sous vide goat loin chop recipe!

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Since I wasn’t hungry in the morning, I skipped breakfast. We met my parents and the kids for lunch at Shalizaar and gorged on a mess of charred meats.

We ordered the same items as our last visit plus a few extras: 

Complimentary Sabzi (herbs, radish, walnuts, & feta)…

…Kashk-e-Bademjan (pureed eggplant and garlic with sauteed mint and kashk)…

…a mixed green salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, dates, and feta…

…side of lamb shank…

…and a plethora of grilled meats.

Here’s a shot of my lunch plate:

Although we stuffed our bellies to the max, we still had a nice box of charred meat leftovers to bring home.

In the afternoon, we took the kids to the park where they frolicked in the sand, scrambled up the play structures, and slid down the slides. While we took turns watching the kids, Fitbomb and I alternated practicing double-unders on the blacktop.

When we came home, I was totally unmotivated to whip up dinner. As if by magic, Dr. HA sensed my quiet desperation and emailed us an invite to an impromptu barbecue at her place. Score!

The impressive spread included barbecued Mexican corn, a ginormous green salad chock full of goodies…

…barbecued chicken…

…and a melon and mint salad.

Here’s my dinner plate before I scarfed everything down:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! 

The food was phenomenal and my sides hurt from laughing all night. Plus, I found out that I’m personality type 6

Seriously – what’s more important than delicious food shared with great friends?

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