Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

Our household is finally emerging from an epic week of barfing. I’m not kidding; one by one, we succumbed to a killer stomach bug that transformed us into spewtastic demons. We were like a family of stunt doubles for Linda Blair.

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

How’d we get over it? Plenty of rest, bone broth, kombucha, and soft-scrambled eggs. If you’re stuck in the aftermath of the pie-eating contest scene from Stand By Me, check out these helpful tips from Mark Sisson.

Okay—onto more fun stuff!

Don’t Cook While Wearing Four-Finger Rings

Along with his new album, rapper 2 Chainz released his first digital cookbook, “#MEALTIME,” and although it’s not Paleo, it’s certainly a must-read. After all, it includes such critical kitchen tips as “Take first pair of Versace sunglasses off, and replace with second pair of Versace sunglasses” and “[i]f wearing a four-finger ring, carefully place it on a side table before starting to cook." 

Apparently, 2 Chainz was inspired to write this book because he was experiencing stomach problems and wanted to cook and eat more healthfully.

My only gripe? #MEALTIME contains only 15 recipes, and 2 Chainz appears to favor turkey bacon. Oh, and lots and lots of gold leaf.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Butcher

Eatocracy compiled a list of some of the best butchers in the country—those who source their meat from small, sustainable family farms, and provide all the traditional butchery services that your grandma remembers so well.

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

I do have a bone to pick with the list, though: where are my peeps from San Francisco’s 4505 Meats?

The Customer Is Not Always Right

Here’s the story: Not too long ago, parents in Fairfax County, Virginia successfully lobbied the school district to ditch the super-processed, 26-ingredient burger patties from their kids’ lunches, and substitute 100% beef patties instead. Makes sense, right? After all, this is what these children were eating:

But…some kids complained because the real beef patties "appeared to be pink in the middle"—probably because "the all-beef patties did not [contain] a caramel coloring additive.”

So what did the school system do? They quietly switched back to the old, additive-filled “burgers” without telling anyone.

The school district’s food and nutritional service director explained: “students are our customers and we listen to them and implement their requests if possible.”

Sigh. I think I’ll just keep packing my kids’ lunches

Yes, Another Link About Sustainable Seafood

Is this getting tiresome? I don’t care. People need to eat more seafood, and here’s another guide on how to do it right.

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

Love and Marriage Go Together Like 300 Sandwiches and a Cheez-It Cake

Boy, am I glad I’m already hitched. I’d hate to have to make 300 sandwiches (and blog about it) for my significant other before I’m deemed worthy of an engagement ring.

Of course, once married, the lucky couple can smush pieces of bacon-buttercreamed strawberry Nesquik cake with chocolate-covered Cheez-Its into each other’s faces, just like former Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard and her hubby.

Ah, love.

Salt & Pepper: A Love Story

Ever wonder how salt and pepper got together? No, not these two:

These two:

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

Read all about this wonderful marriage on Gizmodo.

See? I’m Not Crazy.

Fish sauce is magical. And now, more folks are catching on.

But don’t worry. Just because other people like fish sauce doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving it. I only feel this way about music:

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

Chicken Nuggets!

They’re gross

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

(But not the ones in my upcoming cookbook!)

Poor Flipper

Last week, we were delighted to spot dolphins frolicking in the ocean off the coast of Wailea—they appeared beautiful and friendly and flirty and joyful.

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

So the fact that there’s a water park in Japan that lets you play with dolphins while you eat dolphins feels wrong to me. Besides, dolphins are super-duper smart! (Maybe.)

Then again, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating beef jerky while visiting a cattle ranch, or munching on bacon while petting a pig.

Mmm. Bacon.

Recipe Time!

  • It’s fall, which means it’s pumpkin and slow cooker stew season! Check out Pick Up The Whisk’s Pumpkin Beef Autumn Stew pronto—it’s like autumn in a bowl, people.


  • Saveur’s recipe for Marinated Flank Steak is what I’m using to deploy the chile de árbol that arrived in my CSA box.
  • And for something sweet for all you sweeties, here’s Deliciously Organic’s recipe for grain-free Snickerdoodles.


Brace yourselves: there’s a ton more Paleo cookbook goodness coming your way in the coming weeks and months! Yes, they’re authored by my friends, so I’m utterly and completely biased, but I think you’ll agree that these guys all kick butt.

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

  • My friend Diane Sanfilippo’s The 21 Day Sugar Detox is hitting shelves on October 29, and it’s just as amazing as you’d expect from the bestselling author of Practical Paleo. If you’re feeling like you might need a break from the sugar that’s been creeping into your diet, or even if you’re just looking for solid nutritional information presented in a beautiful, comprehensive package, you owe it to yourself to pick up this book.
  • Looking into next year, there are already two just-announced Paleo cookbooks on my must-own list: The Ancestral Table by the incredible Russ Crandall of The Domestic Man which will be published in February 2014, and The Paleo Kitchen by the dynamic duo of Juli Bauer (a.k.a. PaleOMG) and George Bryant (a.k.a. The Civilized Caveman), which will be out in June 2014.

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

  • And, of course, my soul sister Melissa Joulwan’s highly-anticipated Well Fed 2 is out in less than two weeks! I’ll have an in-depth preview for you soon, but I can tell you now that if you loved the first Well Fed, your face will melt off and head will explode when you see Well Fed 2. It’s THAT good.

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

  • Lastly, I know I haven’t mentioned it much (yet!), but it goes without saying that you’ve already pre-ordered my soon-to-be-released cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans, right? RIGHT?!?

Forky Friday: 10/11/13 by Michelle Tam

Kidding. But not kidding.

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