Wanna know who won the first ever Nom Nom Paleo giveaway contest? The two lucky winners are gonna receive a free bottle of the super premium, chef-grade 40° N Red Boat fish sauce – the best fish sauce I’ve ever tasted.

What? You don’t care ‘cause you didn’t enter the contest? Not a problem ’cause EVERYONE wins with a special deal from the good folks at Red Boat fish sauce.

Is your interest piqued now?

You can take a peek at the winners and the special deal after the jump…

Big-O and my in-house attorney were on hand to make sure the contest was fair and the results weren’t rigged. The process was super-complicated and required extra personnel to make sure it ran smoothly.

Alright, all I did to choose the winners was put all the names in two plastic baggies (one each for Twitter peeps and Facebook fans) and Big-O closed his eyes and picked a name from each bag.

So without further ado: The winner from the Twitterverse is…

Melissa Fritcher (a.k.a. lessofmimi)!

The winner from my Facebook fans is…

Johnny Phan!

Congrats to both of you! It feels good to be a winner, huh?

And now, for the special deal for EVERYONE else

For all you losers out there –- don’t despair! From now until June 6th, you can get FREE SHIPPING when you buy two or more bottles of Red Boat fish sauce if you use the coupon code: nomcontest. Hey, that’s a great deal ‘cause shipping is normally $8.90 for two bottles!

Thanks for entering the contest! I might just do another giveaway soon with brand new Nom Nom Paleo T-shirts

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