It’s Day 8 of your Whole30®, and right about now, you’re probably starting to feel like the Energizer Bunny. Awesome, right? But you’re likely also hankering for some less-than-great-for-you foods. Whaddaya say we chase away those Luther Burger cravings with some good old fashioned Whole30-friendly food photos?

For those of you who are new to my blog, take a peek at my archives and you’ll see that my posts typically consist of photos of my everyday chow. I haven’t posted my daily “Paleo Eats” since the start of this year, though, so let me show you what I mean.

Yesterday morning, I popped out of bed when I heard Henry noisily scrambling eggs for the kids and packing their lunches. I joined him in the kitchen and made myself an old favorite: A thai rolled omelet with lime, cilantro, scallions, and fish sauce.


This recipe happens to be a mash-up of Julia Child’s rolled omelet and kai jiao. Never heard of kai jaio? It’s often described as a “Thai omelet,” but unlike its Western counterpart, this egg dish is eaten at any time of day – and traditionally served atop a generous mound of rice and with a squirt of fiery sriracha. Obviously, neither of those accompaniments are Whole30-compliant, but I highly recommend trying it with my Simple Cauliflower Rice – and when the month is over, my Paleo Sriracha, too.

Keep reading to check out the rest of my eats for the day!

Henry and I split the omelet and some leftover roasted vegetables as we got the boys ready for school. Winter vacation’s over, and we fell right back into our routine: As Henry hustled Big-O off to school, I shooed Lil-O away from his Legos and back to the breakfast table. Then, we bundled him into a jacket and off to preschool before I headed to CrossFit Palo Alto for the Women’s Class. A sweaty hour of cleans, burpees, thrusters, and sumo deadlift high pulls later, I was ready to raid the fridge. I scooped out some roasted sweet potato purée…


…and ate it with a few slices of roast beef.


I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon babysitting for Henry’s cousin (a.k.a. Fit Daffy). Little T was a perfect doll – the little snuggly cutie was conked out in an Ergo carrier for hours – so naturally, I surfed the web. 


With a baby asleep on me, I wasn’t about to make a complicated lunch from scratch. Instead, I just cobbled together a dish using a variety of leftovers. First, I reheated some seasoned ground beef with marinara sauce. Then, to make the finished dish all pretty and photogenic, I plated the saucy meat with slices of leftover roasted eggplant and minced basil. I don’t know what to call this dish, but it was simple and satisfying:


When the boys got home from school (and sleepy Little T was safely deposited back with his mommy), we piled into the car and drove to the mall to finally get some new duds for the kids. It’s been forever since anyone in our family’s gone shopping for clothes. Henry and I don’t mind schlepping around in old t-shirts and jeans, but it was getting a little ridiculous that Lil-O was showing up at school with threadbare sweatpants that are two sizes too small. I’ve been telling the other preschool mommies that Lil-O likes wearing capri pants with holes in the knees, but I can’t live this lie any longer, people.

Herding two small boys through a busy mall is no simple task, though, and by the time I got home, I was drained. Thankfully, I’ve been experimenting with a new recipe for chili con carne – Cowboy Chili! – so dinner prep was easy. I just reheated the spicy stew…


…and plated up the meat.


A simple garnish of cilantro, julienned radish, and diced onion, and presto! Supper was on the table.


Don’t worry, I also roasted a tray of broccoli in the oven. We do eat vegetables around here.

So anyway, that’s what a typical day of eats looks like for me and my family.

What’s on your menu today?

Looking for more recipe ideas? Head on over to my Recipe Index. You’ll also find exclusive recipes on my iPad® app, and in my cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans (Andrews McMeel, December 2013)!

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