I’m still drained from two days of nonstop action at BlogHer Food ‘12 in Seattle – soaking up information about blogging, marketing, and publishing, as well as meeting like-minded folks who are passionate about food writing. Here’s a quick peek at the conference:

This is one of the many tables of food at the opening breakfast buffet. Note the omnipresent bagel trees and sugar-dusted gluten traps! I loaded my plate with fruit, and then went on the hunt for protein and good fats.

Nope – not here…

Nor here…

And definitely not here.

Ta-da! Bacon to the rescue! I believe I heard angels singing.

And look here – a fellow Paleo-eating, CrossFitting, blogging mom! This is Marie from Make and Takes, a fantastic and award-winning kid crafts blog. I just bought her book for my boys!

I spent much of the conference attending presentations filled with valuable takeaways, and managed to connect with a good number of inspiring bloggers – many of whom have been my role models for years.

Sadly, lunches were a bit insubstantial for those of us who are accustomed to eating more than a nibble of spinach leaves and deconstructed potato salad. There was other food available – but Paleo-friendly options were few and far between. Of course, I didn’t expect anything different, so I had stocked my bag with plenty o’ beef jerky. Shelf-stable emergency protein FTW!

The next morning, the breakfast buffet was entirely devoid of meat, but I hovered around the gluten-free table until I spied the last two crustless quiches. I snagged them to eat with my fruit salad. 

After another full day of presentations and breaks for networking, we all boarded a bus for the closing party hosted by arguably the three biggest names in food blogging today: Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman), Jaden Hair (Steamy Kitchen), and Elise Bauer (Simply Recipes).

Ree was super-gracious and down-to-earth (and incredibly tall)…

Jaden was funny and spunky…

…and best of all, Elise showed me a picture on her phone of herself rocking a Nom Nom Paleo Deadlift Girl t-shirt

That made my day – along with hearing that Hank Shaw from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook has heard of my blog! (You should get his cookbook, Hunt, Gather, Cook. It’s awesome.)

I had a blast hanging with my new pals MorganMarie, and Lyndsey…

…before returning to the hotel to blog.

Why do all my days end the same way no matter where I am?

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