Today was my Flip Day, the Wednesday when I morph back into a zombie drug dealer. That means my last waking moments during the daytime were jam-packed with errands and cooking.

In the morning, I helped get the kids ready for school before heading to the women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto. I made sure to fuel up on protein and fat by scarfing down some scrambled eggs and a handful of macadamia nuts.

Post-WOD, I gobbled up a package of spicy Grass Fed Jerky Chews and roasted chestnuts.

To be honest, I don’t love the taste or slimy texture of bagged chestnuts but they’re a quick source of carbohydrates when I don’t have any pre-cooked yams available. If you’ve got fresh ones, by all means roast ‘em.

In the two hours I had left before hitting the sack for my afternoon nap, I deboned and seasoned a bunch of chicken thighs to make Sous Vide Crispy Chicken Thighs.

In the past, I would buy the thighs already prepped but nowadays I’m a pro at quickly deboning them with a pair of kitchen shears. Plus, I reserve the bones for bone broth like a good Chinese mommy.

For lunch, I seasoned and fried up a flat iron steak…

…that I served with stir-fried baby kale.

I ate about a third of the steak and saved the rest for packed lunches.

Then, I went to bed for a couple of hours to rest up for my all-nighter.

When I woke up in the evening, I plopped the kids in front of the telly to watch last night’s America’s Got Talent while I fixed dinner.

Big-O now loves Howard as much as I do and I couldn’t be happier.

I roasted a tray of broccoli in the oven…

browned a few Portobello mushrooms in the toaster oven…

…and fried up the chicken thighs that I pulled out of the SousVide Supreme.

I sprinkled grey sea salt on the crispy skin.

Here’s my dinner plate:

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