Is it vacation yet? Um, no.

On my third to last night of work, I packed myself a thermos of beefy bone broth and some leftover pressure cooker porcini and tomato short ribs (recipe forthcoming, I promise), root vegetable puree, and roasted broccoli.

When I came home in the morning, I ate a nuked yam and a few slices of Applegate Farms organic roast beef. Then, I hustled Big-O to school, stopped at the post office to drop off some socks, and went to bed. BTW, you know you can win some socks by entering this giveaway, right?

In the evening, I dragged myself out of bed to make dinner. The beef cheek and tongue were finished cooking in the SousVide Supreme so I all I had to do was make a pot of braised kale and carrots.

While the greens were cooking, I sliced up an onion…

…peeled and sliced the tongue, shredded the cheeks, and crisped the beef and onions in duck fat.

Here’s my dinner plate:

Yes, that’s a lot of meat.

I’ve got two more nights of work before I fly to Los Angeles with the kiddies to visit my sister and her kitties. It’ll be pretty wackadoodle since I’ll be traveling on my “flip day” but I can’t wait. 

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Hello! My name is Michelle Tam, and I love to eat. I think about food all the time. It borders on obsession. I’ve always loved the sights and smells of the kitchen. My mother was (and is) an excellent cook, and as a kid, I was her little shadow as she prepared supper each night. From her, I gained a deep, abiding love for magically transforming pantry items into mouth-watering family meals.

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