Without a doubt, Sarah Fragoso’s blog and book have helped us tremendously to get our whole family on the Paleo bandwagon. If you missed my last mash note to her, you can read it here

It’s no secret that changing our kids’ diets hasn’t been easy. Big-O has an adventurous palate and will happily munch on meat, veggies, and even worms, but Lil-O proudly proclaims that he, “LOVES junk food.” Despite bumps in the road (which my hubby wrote about here), Fitbomb and I have persevered and we’re happy to report that Lil-O now eats about 80% Paleo. (The other 20% consists of snacks served at preschool, Faileo foods illicitly snuck into his hands by grandparents, and birthday treats at his friends’ parties.)

Yesterday, we received an advance copy of Sarah Fragoso’s new children’s book, Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship in the mail. As soon as they saw it, the Double-O’s demanded that we read it as their bedtime story. 

Her new book is a fun read for your cavekids – it’s filled with adorable drawings, relatable characters, and a handful of kid-friendly recipes. It tells the story of Jimmy, a young boy who doesn’t want to eat Paleo despite his parents’ pleas. Hmmm…sound familiar?

The Paleo Pals, a trio of sibling superheroes, come to Jimmy’s aid and show him that his parents aren’t really evil, despite appearances to the contrary.

Joking aside, Sarah does a great job of explaining to kids the importance of eating Paleo without being preachy. The Double-O’s were captivated by the story and kept chiming in with comments like, “I’ve been to a farmers’ market!” and “I’ve had a tummy ache after eating junk food, too!”

Both Big-O and Lil-O gave this book a big thumbs up. What I loved most about this book is that it got my kids excited to get in the kitchen.They’ve already insisted on cooking breakfast in the morning and Big-O wants to bring the book to school to share with his friends and teachers.

Although there are a few recipes at the end of the story, we’re really looking forward to the upcoming cookbooks, Paleo Pals The Cookbook: Super Meals, Fun Snacks, and Cool School Lunches and Matt and Stacy’s Eat Like a Dinosaur. I have so many fond memories of hanging out with my mom in the kitchen and I hope to create some new ones with my brood.

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