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Eating Out Paleo: Jar Restaurant (Los Angeles, CA)

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I love Jar Restaurant, Suzanne Tracht’s delicious, extremely Paleo-friendly chophouse in Los Angeles. The setting’s swanky yet relaxed so it was the perfect spot for a bunch of virtual friends to bond and become real ones. 

Okay, the previous sentence was super cheesy (and dairy’s bad per Dr. Pedro Bastos) but it’s appropriate. Without a doubt, the best part of AHS11 has been connecting face to face with awesome folks. 

Let’s get back to the food…

I hate to admit that when I first ate at Jar a few years ago, I was PISSED that the sides came separately and the menu was so meat-centric. How dare they charge me extra for some mashed potatoes! I’m entitled to those carbs, dang it! 

Oh, silly Nom Nom.

Now that I’m an elightened cavegirl, I’m so thankful you can order a scrumptious and satisfying Paleo meal here without jumping through hoops. The menu is divided into starters, proteins, and sides and you assemble your favorite combination. The grilled meats are fantastic but Suzanne Tracht is legendary for her braises and they aren’t to be missed.

So what did Fitbomb and I order?

We started with crab deviled eggs…

… and Maine lobster cocktail with mango, harissa, lemongrass, and ginger.

The tastiness continued with a giant, fork-tender pork leg shank braised with apples and Calvados…

…and their deservedly legendary pot roast with carrots and caramelized onions.

You can’t have your meat without your veggies, so we also shared plates of braised Brussels sprouts…

…and long-cooked black kale.

Everything was remarkably delicious. Jar just might be my favorite caveman-compatible restaurant in Hell-Ay!

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