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Paleo Pantry Find: Red Boat Fish Sauce

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The secret weapon in my Paleo pantry: Red Boat fish sauce


My chef sister tipped me off about this awesome product after she read about it in the LA Times and on one of her favorite food blogs. I’d been looking for a Paleo-friendly fish sauce for ages, and this one is perfect.

Unlike other brands of fish sauce, Red Boat fish sauce is bottled directly on Phu Quoc Island—where the BEST fish sauce is made. It’s minimally processed (first press and “extra virgin”) and made with just two ingredients: fresh caught wild black anchovies and sea salt.

Even though Red Boat is pretty pricey*, you only need a few drops of fish sauce to add a punch of umami to any dish. I’m gonna be dashing some of this sauce on EVERYTHING!

Buy it here on Amazon right now!

*UPDATE 5/9/11: Bay Area peeps, Red Boat Fish Sauce is now available at Manila Oriental Market in San Francisco and Sigona’s Farmers Market in Redwood City—no shipping charge!

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