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Pssst! Want a Sneak Peek?

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Anyone interested in taking a gander at the upcoming Nom Nom Paleo iPad app?

Here’s a quick, unpolished, one-take video that my husband threw together tonight. He’s embarrassed by the production quality and fuzzy picture, but I don’t care: I’m just excited to be able to share with you a glimpse of what we’ve been building over the past four months.

And just so you know, those ain’t my man-hands in the video.

Before you freak out and rush over to the App Store, please note that this isn’t the final version — we’re still in beta testing. I can’t tell you how many hours we’ve spent kicking the tires and working with our super-awesome team at YMedia Labs to revise the design, programming, and content — and we still have plenty of stuff to tweak. We’re working like crazy to have the app ready for you by next month, so keep your fingers and toes crossed!

Got questions about the app? Read this post, and you’ll probably find the information you need.

Fitbomb and I will have our trusty iPads with us next week at PaleoFX in Austin, so if you’re extra-nice to us, you might get a closer look at this baby!

Now go get yourself an iPad already!

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