Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

It’s the Friday before Halloween, and our house is getting more ghoulish by the second. Before my kids suck us into the vortex of costumes and fake cobwebs, whaddaya say we get to this week’s links?

Ghee Whiz

Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

This blew my mind: Who knew that my favorite small-batch ghee maker, Sandeep Agarwal, is also a bona fide butter historian who’s amassed a traveling treasure trove of butter-related artifacts?


Welcome to Butter World.

Now can someone make Bacon World, please?

Greased Lightning

While we’re on the topic of Sandeep’s ghee, have I mentioned my favorite new way to start a night shift? I use my stick blender to blitz a cup of Philz’ Silken Splendor with a dollop of Pure Indian Foods’ Primal Fat. This is my version of Stupid Easy Paleo’s version of Bulletproof Coffee, only I call it Greased Lightning.

(To be honest, I haven’t done a lick of investigation into the highfalutin’ health claims surrounding Bulletproof Coffee. I just like the taste of coconut and ghee in my coffee.)

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Tell your friends! It’s a mathematical fact: Bacon makes everything taste better.

Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground

I have the blackest thumb in the whole world, so I’ll happily shell out for my fruits and veggies. But if you don’t mind bundling up and mucking around in the soil, check out this fantastic article on winter gardening by Chasing Delicious.

Still My Favorite Cooking Show Of All Time

Ladies and gentlemen, Weber Cooks.

It’s not Paleo, but it’s perfect nonetheless.

(When I need a good cry, I watch the version with the sad instrumental score. Watch it and weep.)

Soy Un Chocoholic

Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

I love me dark chocolate something fierce, but I’ve always been wary about the soy lecithin that’s in a lot of my favorite brands. Thankfully, Chris Kresser says I don’t need to lose sleep over it.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

It comes as no shock that the industrial meat complex in the U.S. is all kinds of awful. But even with growing public awareness of the horrible animal agricultural practices in this country, it looks like things haven’t gotten any better. Despite being slapped with an excoriating Pew report five years ago, the meat industry hasn’t bothered to change much.

Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

Support good meat!

A Meaty Read

Speaking of meat, I’ve already got Pat LaFrieda’s new cookbook on pre-order. The title says it all: Meat: Everything There Is to Know.

Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

Anchovies Are Your Friend

As a child, I hated anchovies and avoided ’em like the plague. But in the decades since reaching adulthood, I’ve made up for it with a vengeance. These days, anchovies are one of my favorite flavoring agents; after all, they’re packed with umami, and umami’s pretty much one of my favorite things in the world.

Nancy Silverton shows you how to harness that indescribable savoriness in this article.

Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

And here’s a flavorful anchovy sauce that pairs wonderfully with any number of savory dishes!

Digital Love

I’ve said it before, but a digital thermometer can be a huge help in the kitchen—particularly if you’re in the mood for a perfectly slow-roasted hunk of protein. I’ve got an expensive Thermapen, but the one I use over and over again is my cheapie Polder In-Oven Digital Thermometer—it costs only about 20 bucks. And the editors at Chow just gave it a 5-star review!

Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

Little Shop of Horrors

Just ’cause most plants don’t have teeth or claws doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you. Take a gander at this fascinating article about the dark side of some of your favorite vegetables, from morels to rhubarb.

Like A Machine

New York’s Balthazar has a special place in my heart. Henry and I used to grab a meal there whenever we were in town—and yes, like everyone else, we’ve inhaled a plate or two of Balthazar’s steak frites. But this eye-opening New York Times Magazine article gave me my first glimpse into the inner workings of this well-oiled machine of a restaurant.

Even more amazing: Balthazar’s crazy-efficient potato operation. Holy French fries, Batman—this video reminds me of watching the workers at our local In-N-Out endlessly crank out freshly-cut fries.

Recipe Roundup

Four more recipes to try this week!

  • Tired of cauliflower?  Elise Bauer’s Cauliflower “Couscous” will bring you back around!
  • I’ll bet you’ve never had Crispy Fish Skin Chicharrons before. Hank Shaw shows us how it’s done!
  • I know I already mentioned Stupid Easy Paleo today, but you must check out Steph’s Paleo Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce recipe. My Asian Meatballs want to marry her sauce.
  • Charles & Julie Mayfield’s Ginger-Garlic Crusted Chicken is the perfect weeknight meal: simple to prepare, and packed with flavor.

That’s all, folks!

Looking for more recipes? Head on over to my Recipe Index. You’ll also find exclusive recipes on my iPad® app, and in my cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans (Andrews McMeel, December 2013). 

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