Forky Friday 9/13/13 by Michelle Tam

This is the first Friday in a month-and-a-half that I’m not spending on a plane or at work! I’m looking forward to hanging with my boys, catching up on sleep, and synthesizing some vitamin D. Plus, we’re celebrating Henry’s Chinese birthday (you know, according to the lunar calendar) ‘cause my man was born on the day of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

I always tell my husband that the reason his head is so incredibly large is ’cause he was born on such an auspicious day. (I do try to resist the urge to call him Moon Head on his birthday, though. I’m nice like that.)

Forky Friday 9/13/13 by Michelle Tam

Okay, gang. Before you unplug for the weekend, I’ve got a Forky Friday crammed with links for you to chew on: 

Coffee Makes The World Go ‘Round

I know coffee isn’t Paleo, but it sure does make the world go round. Click on this link to see how people all over the planet are enjoying it as part of their morning ritual.

Forky Friday 9/13/13 by Michelle Tam

An Eggcellent Font

I’m not about to shell out $70 for this egg font, but it’s pretty awesome.

Of course, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket and you’re a big font nerd, go crazy. I’m sure your friends and family will appreciate your eggtastic messages.

Forky Friday 9/13/13 by Michelle Tam

Game On

Hank Shaw is one of my culinary heroes, and not just because he can show you how to butcher a squirrel at home. Check out his super-comprehensive guide to Game Meats 101: What You Need to Know When Cooking Game in Whole Foods’ online magazine, Dark Rye.

By the way, I’ve pre-ordered his new cookbook, Duck, Duck, Goose. October 1st can’t come fast enough.

Forky Friday 9/13/13 by Michelle Tam

Someone’s Got Green Thumbs

I don’t have a 13,000 square foot lawn, but if I did, I’d feel the urge to turn it into something a little more useful than a big field of green turf. David Cross (no, not that David Cross) did exactly that by converting his massive lawn into an organic garden. Check out the amazing pics here.

Seize The Day (And Freeze It)

Of course, if I had a 13,000 square foot fruit and vegetable garden, I’d also want to get proficient at preserving summer’s bounty for the winter. To do this, I’d follow Aimée Wimbush-Bourque’s instructions for oven-drying tomatoes and peaches, bottle a bunch of fruit-infused vinegars, and pack and organize my freezer per Chow’s video tutorial.

Can’t We Just Stick To Real Food?

It’s great that lots of tech billionaires are backing ventures to tackle the problem of world hunger, but I wish they’d look at solutions outside of the laboratory.

A few Forky Fridays ago, I posted about how Google’s Sergey Brin bankrolled a $325,000 test tube beef patty. And I wrote recently about Soylent—the start-up that’s making a gray sludge to replace food. This week, Whole Foods announced that it’s selling a plant-based egg replacement product called Beyond Eggs, a project bankrolled by the founder of Paypal and Bill Gates.

Do we really need to concoct a substitute for real, farm-fresh eggs?


Forky Friday 9/13/13 by Michelle Tam

Take it from someone who thought she’d make Frankenfoods for a living: Better living through real food > Better living through chemistry.

Forky Friday 9/13/13 by Michelle Tam

A Prescription For Health

Luckily, some docs are getting the message that health starts with eating real food. In NYC, each child enrolled in the Rx Fruit and Vegetable program gets a prescription that can be swapped for Health Bucks accepted at 140 farm markets in the city. Participants receive $1 per day for each person in their family (i.e. a family of 4 gets $28 of free produce per week). Click here to read and hear the story on NPR.

Unicorns Are Yummy

Attention, cookbook collectors: A long-believed-lost medieval cookbook has been found at the British Library, and it includes a recipe for cooking unicorns.

Forky Friday 9/13/13 by Michelle Tam

Don’t worry: Unicorn is 100 percent Paleo. As long as it doesn’t come in a can.

I’m kidding, of course. Unicorns are too awesome to eat. Especially ones with marshmallow lasers.

I’d totally eat a pegasus, though.

Paleo Pop-Up at Fallon Hills Ranch

San Francisco folks: If you’re free on September 21st, check out Chef Simone Shifnadel’s latest Paleo pop-up. This time, it’ll take place at Fallon Hills Ranch, and the four-course menu sounds incredible. If I wasn’t already scheduled to work, I’d be there in a heartbeat. Get your tickets here.

Forky Friday 9/13/13 by Michelle Tam

{Photos by Simone Shifnadel}

Of Chives & Knives

Sometimes a simple tip can forever change the way you prep a vegetable. Michael Ruhlman recently posted this ingenious technique for chopping chives and I’ll never do it any other way.

Don’t Drown Your Food

Have you ever wondered why braising recipes only ask for a small amount of liquid and not enough to submerge it? My favorite food geek, J. Kenji López-Alt, explains why here.

Forky Friday 9/13/13 by Michelle Tam

Rabid For Rabe

Fall’s almost here, and I’m already looking forward to making Saveur’s ultra-comforting Cime di Rapa Fritte (Slow-Cooked Broccoli Rabe). Trust me: I’ll be eating this ALL THE TIME. 

Adios, peeps!

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