Man, hubs and I haven’t had a date night since we went to Station 1 a few months ago. Damn those pesky kids!

I LOVE eating out so we were really excited to try Locanda with two of our favorite people in the world, S & J. Incidentally, our buddies are not (yet!) on the Paleo bandwagon, but we love them anyways. Plus, despite the fact that they haven’t guzzled the Kool-Aid themselves, they’re helping to spread the Paleo gospel to their friends and family. Last night, they reported that J’s pop may join the caveman cult! (Hi C! Yes, we REALLY don’t eat whole grains or beans anymore.)

Locanda is a new Roman restaurant from the lovely couple that own Delfina. S & J are longtime regulars at Delfina, so they can snag a coveted reservation during prime dining hours with just a few days notice. I’d totally hate them if we weren’t besties.

Believe it or not, Locanda is a great Paleo-friendly eating destination. As long as you steer clear of the pasta section on the daily-changing menu, there’s tons of yummy, meaty options for us cavepeople. In particular, the quinto quarto (offal!)…

…charcoal grill & specials, and the contorni sections all offer lots of tantalizing choices.

Also, they bring complimentary housemade Coppiette (Roman peppered pork jerky sticks) to the table. Oh yeah!

Here’s what hubby and I shared for dinner:

We started with poached duck egg, asparagus, bottarga, and burro nero (hold the bread crumbs)…

…and chilled tongue with salsa verde and gaeta olives.

For our mains, we shared lamb scottadito with anchovy and coriander…

…and oxtails alla vaccinara.

We also ordered three contorni to share: carrots with coriander and grapes, erbette chard with garum and pinenuts…

…and snap peas with mint and spring onion.

Dinner was fantastic and it was wonderful catching up with our pals. Coincidentally, we’d all had emotionally draining weeks prior to our dinner, so it was fun kvetching and laughing together.

I can’t wait to return to Locanda – especially if it means spending more time with S & J.

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