One of my friends needs your help, guys and dolls!


Russ Crandall, the talented and humble blogger behind one of my favorite sites on the web, The Domestic Man, is a finalist in the Best Special Diets category in The Saveur 4th Annual Best Food Blog awards! I met him briefly for the first time this year at PaleoFX and he is one of the friendliest and most talented guys around. Plus, there is no ego at all with this soft-spoken and modest fellow.

Not only does he have spot-on recipes, story-telling, and photos – he has a super inspirational story about how he healed himself with real food. I begged him to guest post on my blog months ago, and he delivered one of my most popular recipes to date: Caldo de Langostinos! Click here for the recipe.


Still don’t believe me? Check out these other fantastic recipes:

Now, here is where you come in: Please vote for The Domestic Man on Saveur’s page. Please note that you have to register with first before voting. If you voted for me last year, you’re already in the system. Voting ends at midnight, Friday, April 19th, so please hurry!

To vote, click here and then hover over one of the blog name and select “Register”, and fill out the form. Then return to the voting page and cast your vote.

Thank you!

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