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Is the SousVide cooker pretty foolproof? Can you turn it on before you leave for work and come home with the meal cooked (like a Crock-Pot)?


Yes, but its exponentially better! You can’t overcook anything and it really is virtually fool-proof. I love love love it much more than my slow cooker (which I like more than a friend).

I couldn’t find your name, but I was impressed with your Paleo repertoire. I am in the process of opening Paleo locations for people on the run. I was wondering if you would be willing to give your opinions on our menu items. I’m a member of Crossfit Santa Clara and I currently have a cart set up there for a test run of various items. I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response. The website is in progress:

BTW, I started Paleo around the same time as you and with a similar experience. Nothing ever really worked until I went Paleo. Amazing.

In Paleo Unity,

-Ranbir Sanghera

Drive that cart on over to CrossFit Palo Alto! I totally want to consult (and try free food)! You know my digits…

HEY! Love your blog & your recipes look deeelish! Any idea how to make Paleo “ketchup”??


No idea. Ketchup is hard to make without sugar and people are VERY particular about ketchup (Check out this New Yorker article by Malcolm Gladwell.)

Your photos always look great! What camera do you use?


Thanks! My DSLR is a (relatively old) Nikon D80. (I’m sure my hubby is eyeing the D300s, though.) For food pics, I pretty much stick with a 50mm f/1.4D AF Nikkor macro lens, but for all-purpose shots, I use an 18-200mm VR lens. (FYI – Hubby gave me this response ‘cause I have no clue about cameras.)

Just found your blog, LOVE it – although I’m salivating on my laptop by the end of each post. I also want you to know that I just popped into our local Penzeys and spent about $30. Had to hold back since I could have easily spent over $100. What are your favorite spices there?? What staple spices do you always keep on hand? How do you choose which spices to use on what? Do you buy in bulk??


I can go CRAZY at Penzeys! I’ve mostly been buying ½ cup jars and when I find ones I really like, I buy the bigger containers. My current faves are: Sunny Paris, Arizona Dreaming, Fox Point Seasoning, Tandoori Seasoning, Turkish Seasoning, and Fines Herbes. In my posts, I always point out which seasonings I’m using and if you see me using one a lot, that’s my current crush.

I made your frittata recipe with jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, red onion, spinach and ground turkey with simple garlic pepper seasoning (but followed all of your general cooking instructions other than the ingredients). SOOOO good! Thanks!!!

You said you sometimes use the frittata ingredients for other meals – anything in particular? My husband and I are gym owners in Lake Forest, CA, so we get home after work and are starving. I want to dial in some ways to cook ahead and am interested in new ideas.


I use my emergency protein for lettuce wraps, omelets, cauliflower fried rice, stir-fried kelp noodles, you name it! When I’m really in a bind, I just nuke it along with some frozen broccoli and that’s my meal.

Hi. I was grateful to read about the silicone muffin cups – made mini frittatas in a regular muffin pan with no liners and am STILL cleaning them. One commenter noted that the silicone ones will disappoint over time. If you use ceramic ramekins and “grease well,” what do you use for greasing? Thanks!

-Heather, Crossfit Southwest, Tempe, AZ

You can grease with melted coconut oil, lard, ghee, or butter – but you should get the silicone baking cups! 

Do I really need to keep lard frozen? That seems damned inconvenient. I bought lard yesterday so that I can make your fried “rice.” Which is awesome! I want to try making it with the lard this time instead of bacon fat. Thanks!


It’ll keep a lot longer in your freezer, but you can keep lard in your fridge. (I do.)

I want to make some emergency protein to have on hand and what you make looks good. I bought everything I need, but I don’t know how much of each thing to use. Do you measure or have an approximate recipe for yours?


I wrote this post just for you!

I’m curious as to your portion sizes. Do you even think about it or just throw any amount into your containers or onto your plate?

Your site kicks ass! Love it!


When I first stated eating Paleo I didn’t really care about portion size and I kind of went hog wild. Now, I’m a little more mindful of my protein size (around 6-8 oz) but I don’t fret about it. My goal is to be healthy and strong, not rail-thin.

I am curious what your work hours are? I work nights as well, 7:30pm-8am Sun- Tues, every other Saturday. How often do you need to eat at work?


I work ten-hour shifts (9:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.) seven days in a row, every other week. (On my off-weeks, I’m a full-time mommy – and blogger!) During my workweeks, when I wake up, I eat dinner with the family. At work, I eat two meals and a snack. You can browse my archives to see what I typically eat at work or type “packed lunch” into the search box. 

Hi! I was wondering if you can recommend a blog designer? I love your blog…did you design it?? Thank you!!


Sorry – I’m the wrong gal to ask about web design! I didn’t design my blog; I just bought and customized the Style Hatch’s “Savory” theme for Tumblr, and my hubby helped with some of the graphics.

Hi! Curious: What is your monthly food budget (or weekly)?


More than I care to admit! (Honestly – and I know this is kind of terrible – I have no idea, and I’m afraid to find out.)

You should really be endorsed by places you recommend on there. Because of you I bought a sous vide, a kitchen torch, those rubbery muffin liners, and I am learning how to cook different veggies. My tummy thanks you but my wallet might have a different opinion 😛

But seriously, thank you for this blog. It really is teaching me a ton!


My sentiments exactly! How come no one is offering me free stuff? 😉 Seriously, thanks for reading. 

Not a question, just a comment … 🙂

Thought of you and your MIL when I came across this article about kombucha (fermented tea) and its benefits in protecting the body from radiation and fighting cancer. I came to Paleo via Weston A. Price Foundation, another form of traditional eating that shares many similarities with Paleo but emphasizes the probiotic benefits of fermented foods. While certainly not a silver bullet, perhaps traditionally-perpared fermented foods may help your MIL through chemo and speed her recovery.


Thanks for the tip. I’ve heard great things about fermented foods as well.

One final note: You may have noticed that I’ve removed the “Ask Me Anything” button from the top of my page. It’s not that I don’t love hearing from y’all – it’s just that I’m finding that I’m too slammed to get to all of your questions in a timely manner! (I’m warning you with PEACE AND LOVE: I have too much to do.)

Going forward, if you have questions, please type them in my comments section – I’m much more likely to respond quickly.

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