Today’s edition of Forky Friday is devoted entirely to pressure cooking! As a busy working mom, I often turn to my trusty pressure cooker to get meat and veggies on the table in a flash. Some days, I’ve got multiple pressure cookers on the burners at the same time. Loyal readers know that I never sacrifice flavor for speed, but I’m delighted to report that with a pressure cooker, I get both.

Still a skeptic? I’ve got lots of links in this post that’ll (hopefully) persuade you to take the plunge. Here we go!

  • I wrote about the origins of the pressure cooker in this post back in January, but if you want to learn more how pressure cooking works, look no further than this piece over at Modernist Cuisine.
  • Sick of reading? Then sit back and watch this video. My friend and food writing mentor Tori Ritchie recently recorded a Google hang-out with David Leite in which she answered viewers’ burning questions about pressure cooking.
  • Hesitant to use a pressure cooker again ‘cause it didn’t produce great results the first time you tried it? Perhaps you were a victim to some of the common mistakes described in this post. 
  • Concerned that pressure cooking isn’t healthy? Check out this post by Kristen Michaelis at Food Renegade and this one by my pal Laura at Hip Pressure Cooking. They’ve debunked a whole bunch of myths about pressure cooking, and explain why they use it to cook for their families. Knowing is half the battle!
  • If you’re considering buying a pressure cooker, I recommend an 8-quart wide-bottom Kuhn Rikon Duromatic and/or a 6-quart Fagor Futuro. Although I’m the proud owner of both of these pots, the one I’m coveting right now is an Instant Pot. I’m buzzing with excitement over a programmable pressure cooker that’ll cook food while I’m out. Yeah, I’m a thrill seeker like that.

Ready to start pressure cooking?

My favorite pressure cooker recipes include:

Quick Bone Broth


Braised Kale and Carrots


Crispy Potatoes


Beef Back Ribs


Porcini and Tomato Short Ribs


Lamb Shanks


…and Indian Curry Lamb Spare Ribs


What? You have even more questions? Go visit Hip Pressure Cooking. There, you’re sure to find all of your queries answered by the pressure cooking maven herself, Laura Pazzaglia.

Okay: Your turn. What’s your favorite pressure cooker recipe?

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