Welcome to another episode of Forky Friday, where I bring you some of my favorite tasty links from the interwebs. On this week’s menu: Winner, winner, chicken dinner(s)! (Plus bacon! And sweets!)

If you’re reading this post today, February 22, 2013, grab your running shoes and sprint over to your neighborhood Whole Foods to buy an organic whole chicken – they’re on sale for just $1.99 a pound. But if you’re reading this on Saturday, sorry: You lose. See? It pays to visit my blog EVERY SINGLE DAY.


(Yeah, I know it’s best to buy a pastured chicken from your local farmer, but let’s be honest: Most folks buy their birds from supermarkets. Let he who is Paleo perfect cast the first stone.)

Perplexed as to how to prepare that whole chicken? Check out these recipes:

(There’s a more polished update from Funny or Die featuring Richard Belzer and a couple of really tall models straight out of a Robert Palmer music video, but I find the original much more awesome.)


Next up: Bacon. Unless you’re vegetarian, most folks go bonkers over this crispy, porky delicacy. Luckily, Steve Kamb over at Nerd Fitness has written an epic Definitive Guide to Bacon. My only minor quibble is he forgot to list one of my favorite ways to make bacon: Dan Benjamin’s Bacon Method.

Have you been hounded by little girls all over town trying to sell you Girl Scout cookies? Don’t cave! (Seriously: If you’re cornered, give them money but tell them you don’t want the cookies.) Instead, if you simply must have a Girl Scout cookie, check out Elana Amsterdam’s recipes for Paleo Thin Mints and Paleo Samoas!

And I’ve got one more sweet treat to share just in time for Purim. My favorite Paleo lovebirds, Bill and Hayley, recently share a recipe for grain-free hamantaschen, complete with bonus video.

Alrighty, gang. What are you up to this weekend?

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