Starting today, I’m gonna post a weekly roundup of some forktastic links around the interwebs. Most of ‘em will be food-related and Paleo-friendly, but all will be click-worthy.

This week, I highlight Chinese New Year-inspired dishes, Valentine’s Day treats, and a Paleo/gluten-free pop-up dinner(!) in San Francisco.

There are two holidays right around the corner: Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. As a kid, both were equally important for me because I’d get money for nothing in red envelopes on the former occasion and free candy on the latter. These days, I’m not as keen on either holiday because, as an adult, I’m now responsible for doling out the moola for Chinese New Year. Oh, and Valentine’s Day is just a lame Hallmark holiday. (Shouldn’t we appreciate our Valentines all year ‘round?) But I digress…

As most of you know, Chinese food really isn’t all that Paleo. But you can still host a Paleo-friendly, Chinese-inspired feast with these recipes:


If you’re gonna indulge in something sweet on Valentine’s Day, check out these grain-free treats:


Last, but not least, I’ve got a dining suggestion for those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area. Henry and I never go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day weekend ‘cause so many restaurants take advantage of the occasion to dish up crappy slop for exhorbitant prices. But we’re making an exception this year because Simone Shifnadel of Zen Belly Catering is throwing two Paleo pop-up dinners that weekend. The menu looks ridiculously delicious and I know the company will be great as well. Join us, and together, we can rule the galaxy!


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