I’m still sick. I’ll bet $5 that I’m not better because I haven’t been sleeping well this week.

I’m no longer achy or feverish, but I’m super congested and every orifice in my head feels like it’s packed with phlegm. I’ve mastered the art of folding boogery, Kleenex-wrapped wontons: the proof is in our overflowing trash cans.

When I’ve gotten off of the couch, it’s just to make another pot of ginger and garlic spiked pressure cooker bone broth, grab a steaming cup of hot tea, or pop another capsule of fermented cod liver oil and butter oil blend. Normally, I’m pretty good about taking zinc early and often when a virus hits, but this time I dropped the ball. Man, I can’t wait until I feel 100% again.

Please stay well, my dear readers. I’ve compiled some great resources where you can read up on Primal/Paleo cold and flu remedies – check ‘em out before it’s too late!

  • Make a pot of pressure cooker bone broth pronto! I’ve got a guest post over at Food Renegade that shows you how.
  • Listen to this great episode of Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio where he discusses what you should do instead of getting a flu shot. Chris’s post about cold and flu prevention is also worth a read. Check it out here.
  • Stock up on these 7 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies as recommended by Katie of Wellness Mama.
  • Don’t overlook this oldie but goodie from Mark Sisson about treating the cold and flu naturally.
  • If I had my way, I’d kidnap Melissa Joulwan to my house so she could cook me up some comforting grub. 

Time to make more snot wontons…

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