I guess it’s about time I got off my ass and answered your questions!

Hey there! Where do you get your teeny-tiny containers (e.g. for the macadamia nuts and coconut as well as freezing the olive oil)? Would love to get a hold of some!


Back before I turned into a cavegirl (and moved to the ‘burbs), I used to pick up food all the time from Delica RF-1 in the San Francisco Ferry Building. My favorite dessert was the yummy fruit-topped almond custards that were packaged in these great re-usable plastic containers. I must’ve eaten a shitload of ‘em because our house is swimming in these little oval boxes years later. I recently looked into buying some online, but 500 per pack is a bit much. Still, come to think of it, they are pretty handy to have around… Want to split a box? BTW — love your blog! I hope we meet at a CFPA event soon!

Hi! I don’t actually have a question but I couldn’t figure out how to leave a “note”. I just made the Cauliflower Asian Fried Rice. OMG so good! Thank you for doing this blog!


You’re welcome! Thanks for reading!

What do you call the celery stems?


The stalk? (Am I missing the punchline or something?) You can learn all about celery right here. Remember: Google is your friend. 

By the way: Forgot to wish you luck starting CF. Can’t wait hear what you think.


I love CrossFit so far! It’s kicking my ass, but I’m having a great time. Read about my initial impressions here. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed FB since 12/09 as well as you since you have started. So glad you guys are sharing more!! I was just curious and maybe this a living situation thing: Why are you not grilling and smoking your meats? I grill at least 3-4 times a week. I am becoming a little paranoid that all that flame induced cooking is bad for me. Any thoughts/opinions?


I don’t grill or smoke ’cause I’m no pitmaster.  I’ve gotten several requests for recipes for grilled meats and marinades (Hi Dan Benjamin!) so I’ve asked my talented super-chef sister to come up with some Paleo-friendly recipes that I’ll post in the near future. Did I mention that she’s the head recipe developer for a high-profile, nationally-distributed vegetarian magazine? Oh, the irony. 

Hey, I just found your blog and I really like it, as well as the food you’re eating, but what I was wondering is whether your sons are eating the same things you’re eating. Are they grain-free? If it were just me, I would prefer to adhere more to the Paleo diet, but I vacillate on what to serve my family. I want to emphasize meat, veg, and fruit, but have kept some legumes and grains in our diet, along with dairy, though we try to avoid sugar, white flour and wheat generally, seed oils, and soy.


We’re trying to convert our little ones into cave kids, but we haven’t been super strict about it. When they visit, the grandparents still bring processed, sugary “treats” for the kids, and our kindergartner isn’t deprived of Pizza Fridays at school. Also, the kids eat full-fat dairy products (yogurt, milk, etc.). 

But as much as possible, we keep the bad stuff out of the house (no more breakfast cereals or cookies in the pantry!), and while they might get an occasional rice cracker, we don’t serve them gluten at home.

Our six-year-old is pretty much fine with this, but our picky three-year-old often refuses to eat what I make for dinner. When that happens, he gets a scrambled egg. And let me tell you: He’s eating a TON of scrambled eggs these days.

Hello, I’m new to reading your blog so I apologize if this has been covered before, but do you have a paleo friendly grocery list? Thanks!


Click on the links in this post and you should have a good idea of how to stock your kitchen.  

Where do you buy coconut flakes? All of your pictures show beautiful large chunks and the ones I buy from Whole Foods usually become nearly powder…  


I sometimes buy them from the bulk bins at Whole Foods, too, or other natural food stores, but I also get the packaged stuff. Recently, I bought a 12-pack of Let’s Do Organic coconut flakes on Amazon. That may sound like a ton of flakes but we’re almost out!

 I’m a medical student at Stanford and just started Whole30 Paleo challenge – and I noticed that a lot of your “eating out Paleo” section are from places in Palo Alto. I don’t have much time for the fun stuff you make, and unless i want to eat the same salad with almonds, pomegranate, and some sort of protein every day (fastest Paleo dish ever), I need to eat out sometimes. I’m trying to find some cheap, easy Paleo places in the area, and would love to have any advice you could offer. Thank you so much! PS – I love your blog and your pictures make me very hungry.


You’re in my neck of the woods!

Paleo eats in Palo Alto that are both easy AND cheap are few and far between but you can get some tasty eats at Sprout Cafe, Tootsie’s (order sammies with no buns), Chipotle, and In-N-Out (get a protein-style, double- or triple-meat burger with whole grilled onion and hold the spread).

Just noticed that both you and Fitbomb were recognized on Jimmy Moore’s newest list of the best 50 low-carb/paleo blogs. Congrats to you both! Well deserved 🙂

(For reference, in case you missed it: https://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/50-low-carb-paleo-health-blogs-for-february-2011/9878)


Thanks! But I think it’s just a list of 50 low-carb/Paleo blogs, and not necessarily a “best-of” list…

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