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Sure, “Garbage Meals” sounds harsh and unappetizing, but my second choice was “C.O.R.N. (Clean Out Refrigerator Night) Meals,” and that’s not very Paleo.

Today’s meals perfectly illustrate my approach to maintaining kitchen sanity: (1) stocking up on emergency protein, and (2) utilizing umami to maximize flavor. Just like I discussed in Estes Park last weekend, flavorful meals can be quickly cobbled together – even with odds and ends fished out of the fridge and pantry. I may be many things, but I ain’t no hypocrite!

During my zombie drug dealer shift at the hospital, I ate leftover Cheater Crispy Sous Vide Duck Confit Legs, sautéed baby kale, and sliced heirloom tomatoes.

Costco offers more than just toilet paper and free samples. Whenever I visit, I stock up on pre-cooked duck confit legs and ginormous bags of organic baby kale.

As for the heirloom tomatoes, they’re a simple way to add a boost of umami to any meal. It breaks my heart that tomatoes’ll soon be out of season. Boo.

When the morning crew shuffled in with their coffees, I made like a banana and split. The morning was spent shuttling the kiddos to school and gabbing on the phone (there’s official Nom Nom Paleo business to be conducted, people!). 

I managed less than six hour of sleep before waking to the sounds of children clomping Gangnam Style up and down the hallway. (Damn you, Psy. Damn you.) Sometimes I wish I could superglue my earplugs in place.

It was Garbage Meal time.

Frittatas are definitely the way to go when I’m feeling uninspired. I start by thawing some frozen spinach and wringing it dry…

…and then I slice up some mushrooms and onions, and mince a clove of garlic.

I sauté the veggies in melted butter…

…add the spinach…

…and some leftover Slow Cooker Kalua Pig

Once the filling was heated through and seasoned with Magic Mushroom Powder, I whisked a few eggs with a splash of heavy cream…

…and poured it in the skillet.

I let the bottom of the frittata set…

…before sticking it under the broiler.

I flipped the egg pie out of the pan…

…sliced it up…

…and served it with a simple tomato salad.

Here’s my dinner plate:

Before I forget: I’m thinking of having some new Nom Nom Paleo socks made – this time, with lettering that matches my logo. Although I like red on black, I think yellow on black would be really cool, too.

They would be an homage to Bruce Lee a la Game of Death. (Two fun facts: (1) my uncle (my mom’s older brother), Wong Shun Leung, trained Bruce Lee in kung fu, and (2) Bruce Lee taught my mom how to slow dance when she was a girl. Cool, right?)

Which color combination for the socks would you prefer? This?

Or this?

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