As a present to myself, I didn’t post my birthday eats. (Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes, by the way!)

As I get older and more decrepit, birthdays just aren’t as exciting anymore – especially when I have to trudge off to work at night. Still, my family made me feel special, with hand-drawn cards and hugs when I got home. My hubby got me exactly what I wanted – a new countertop Breville Smart Oven. (I’d like to think he’s psychic or we’re cosmically connected, but he probably just saw that I kept checking it out on Amazon.) And for dinner, I was treated to Japanese fare at Jin Sho. No, it wasn’t entirely Paleo, but our gastronomic off-roading was totally worth it.

After tucking the Double-Os in for the night, I drove to the hospital for another stint as the pill lady.

I paused midshift to reheat some leftover cheater beef stew (a cow version of this recipe) and braised cabbage. And then it was back to work.

After coming home and passing out for a few hours, I rolled out of bed to make dinner. My defrost bowl yielded a package of beef back ribs, so I quickly sprinkled on some Magic Mushroom Powder…

…and chucked it into my pressure cooker. (Yes, pressure cooking is my secret weapon for accelerating dinner prep these days.)

While the ribs were on the stove (on high pressure for 30 minutes), I washed some beet greens…

…sautéed it with some red onion.

When the ribs were cooked, I seasoned ‘em with a little more umami goodness…

…and briefly stuck them under my broiler to add some color and char.

Next, I halved some heirloom tomatoes and pan-fried them in butter.

And in case you’re wondering, they were seasoned with – you guessed it – more Magic Mushroom Powder. Why use plain old salt when you have fairy dust in your possession?

Here’s my beefy dinner!

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go…

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Hello! My name is Michelle Tam, and I love to eat. I think about food all the time. It borders on obsession. I’ve always loved the sights and smells of the kitchen. My mother was (and is) an excellent cook, and as a kid, I was her little shadow as she prepared supper each night. From her, I gained a deep, abiding love for magically transforming pantry items into mouth-watering family meals.

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