Pampas in Palo Alto is a Paleo diner’s dream come true – unlimited amounts of charred animal flesh (and some veggies on the side, if you so desire) for $44 a head. There’s no mention of grass-fed or pasture-raised, but on the other hand, you don’t have to pretend to be a celiac disease sufferer to find out what items are gluten-free.

Pampas is a Brazilian Churrascaria where the servers bring skewer after skewer of spit-roasted meats to your table and all you do is point, grunt, and gorge.

There is a side bar to get salad, vegetables, and starches but why bother with these fillers? Tonight, hubby and I just filled up on meaty goodness a la Richard Nikoley.

Here’s my appetizer…


…and dessert.

Meat = tasty.

A few items were over-salted and/or over-cooked but, for the most part, I’ve enjoyed my meals here. My favorite skewers were the leg of lamb marinated with garlic and mint, skirt steak, top sirloin, and tri-tip. I didn’t particularly like the tenderloin filet seasoned with parmesan or the dry pork loin. But hey, if you don’t like a certain cut, you can just wait for the friendly server to bring you something else.

This place is great for groups and they’re accommodating with your cave kids as well. However, Pampas just filed for Chapter 11 protection in bankruptcy court so get your meat now while the spits are still roasting.

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