I’m more than half way through with my work week, but my Flip Day still feels light years away. I’m antsy as the nutty lady from those old Mervyn’s commercials. Any of my fellow old farts out there remember her impatiently chanting, “OPEN, OPEN, OPEN…”? Anyone? Anyone…? Bueller…?

While I dealt drugs at the pharmacy, I ate a square of chocolate, my brother-in-law’s homemade smoked salmon, leftover zoodles, and sliced avocado.

And when my ten-hour shift was over, I drove home, hugged my sleepy boys, and made everyone breakfast.

For myself, I plated some scrambled eggs and my brother-in-law’s homemade kimchee:

Then, I bid everyone adieu and locked myself in my room.

As I slept the day away, the boys had Breakfast 2.0 at Calafia…

…and attended a superhero-themed birthday party where the attendees zipped around the park with capes and face paint.

In the evening, the boys burst into my bedroom to rouse me out of bed. Although my hubby was picking up takeout for dinner, I still needed to prepare some packed lunches for my next few shifts. By the time my man returned from Tava, I’d dunked a couple of wild salmon filets in the water oven and cobbled together a vegetable stir-fry.

There’s no rest for the weary, I tell ya.

For dinner, I ate a salad bowl from Tava topped with slow cooked grass fed lamb. (I’d wanted the chicken, but the restaurant didn’t have any ready at the moment, so we opted for the lamb instead.)

Our salads came with a variety of sauces, but I only spooned on the cilantro chutney.

The salads at Tava are a great deal, but I’m definitely waiting for the chicken next time. The lamb’s a bit too lean and tartly-seasoned for my taste.

Only three more nights to go!

About Michelle Tam

Hello! My name is Michelle Tam, and I love to eat. I think about food all the time. It borders on obsession. I’ve always loved the sights and smells of the kitchen. My mother was (and is) an excellent cook, and as a kid, I was her little shadow as she prepared supper each night. From her, I gained a deep, abiding love for magically transforming pantry items into mouth-watering family meals.

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