Now that we’re back from our trip, I’m treating the rest of my PTO as a staycation. But we’re still in a vacation mindset, so the kiddos and I woke up late, and we decided to go out for breakfast.

Bad idea.

We headed to a local “healthy” breakfast place, figuring there’d be a bunch of Paleo-friendly options on the menu. Wrong. No joke: the restaurant’s only bacon option is turkey bacon – which, as one of Diane Sanfilippo’s tees points out – isn’t even bacon. (Turkey bacon isn’t real food – it’s highly-processed and filled with additives.) Also, this particular breakfast joint offers “low-fat eggs” for no extra charge. But…but…but…when exactly did chickens start laying low-fat eggs?

I ended up ordering an omelet with veggies and sausage, and I asked for a bowl of fruit instead of the mongo piece of coffee cake, toast, or potatoes that usually come with the plate. It was…fine.

I spent the rest of the morning with the kids, checking out the rats and bobcats at the Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo, hanging on the monkey bars at the park, and chilling at the library.

At lunchtime, I stir-fried bell peppers and onions…

…and browned some of my brother-in-law’s homemade smoked poblano pepper sausages. I plated everything up and added freshly-sliced heirloom and cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.

I agree with those of you who wrote to ask about my BIL’s meats: HE NEEDS TO START SELLING THIS STUFF. It’s too good not to share. In fact, I shared it with my friend, R, who came over for lunch.

After lunch, the boys spent the afternoon at a friend’s house while I…kinda did nothing. I should’ve spent my kid-free time reviewing electrocardiograms and the various algorithms for my Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support recertification test that I’m taking on Tuesday, but I’m a procrastinator at heart. The interwebs is just too tempting. But it’s not like I was totally unproductive: I did manage to polish off a jar of MeeNut Butter.

After a couple of hours of Me Time, I picked up the boys and took them to Lil-O’s swim lesson.

He loves being in the water, and his enthusiasm more than makes up for his lack of skill.

By the time we got home, everybody was famished. While my hubby gave the boys a bath, I roasted a tray of broccoli in the oven…

…seasoned and formed a bunch of Turkish sliders

…and fried up the mini patties in my trusty skillet.

After reading more about the importance of regularly eating probiotics to maintain healthy gut flora (go pre-order Diane Sanfilippo’s Practical Paleo NOW!), I spooned a big handful of kimchee on my plate.

Here’s my dinner:

Last thing before I forget: We’re putting the finishing touches on the inaugural issue of the Nom Nom Paleo Newsletter!

Since last October, close to ten thousand of you have subscribed to my heretofore non-existent email newsletter, and I’ve received quite a few inquiries demanding to know why I haven’t sent anything out yet. (Answer: A deadly combination of being simultaneously busy and lazy.) But starting with this week’s issue, I’ll be sending subscribers an exclusive newsletter filled with goodies – including stuff you won’t find on my blog. If you haven’t yet subscribed, what are you waiting for? It’s free, and I promise not to inundate your inbox with useless crap. Get in on the action before we hit “send” on the first Nom Nom Paleo Newsletter!


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