Believe it or not, eating Paleoish at the Happiest Place on Earth is possible. In fact, when I get around to it, I’ll write an entire post devoted to Paleo Eats at Disneyland. But after a loooong day at the amusement park, sprinting to rides and then shuffling along at a snail’s pace once in line, the soles of my feet are aching and my eyelids are heavy. I’m too exhausted to write a long post tonight, but I wanted to show you what I ate today while chasing the kids around Disneyland. 

We’re staying at the home of our generous buddies S & B (and their girls), and they decided to join us for some theme park fun today. To fuel us for our visit to Mickey’s lair, B made us all breakfast: scrambled eggs, avocado, and fresh fruit.

I figured the Paleo food choices available at Disneyland are pretty slim, so before we headed out the door, I crammed  bags of jerky, nuts, and water in my purse. Emergency protein!

We got to the park bright and early, and had a blast with the Double-Os. After taking in the sights of Main Street USA…

…we made a beeline for the newly-revamped Star Tours ride. In Big-O’s two previous trips to Disneyland, he sat through the old Star Wars-themed flight simulator about two dozen times. (I’m not exaggerating – he was so familiar with the ride that he memorized the dialogue spoken by the animatronic pilot of the spaceship.) But last year, Star Tours was updated with all new effects, and this morning, my seven-year-old was in nerd heaven.

I have to admit, it was purdy fun.

Lil-O loved it, too – but his favorite ride was Space Mountain. This four-year-old is fearless, I tell you. He wouldn’t even let his dad hold his hand while the roller-coaster careened through the darkness.

For lunch, we stopped by Tomorrowland Terrace – mostly because it was close, and we didn’t feel like trekking out of the park to find a restaurant. My hubby and I split a grilled chicken chopped salad…

…and a bun-less barbecue bacon cheeseburger.

I also got a cup of berries and a pineapple spear from the fruit stand around the corner.

Not surprising, the grub was crazy expensive and mediocre in quality, but I didn’t expect anything less (more?) from amusement park food.

After trekking around Adventureland in the afternoon…

…our whole gang worked up an appetite again. We bought a couple of “jumbo” smoked turkey drumsticks at a food cart smack-dab in the middle of Disneyland. One of these meaty clubs can easily fill up two adults – and it’s a great deal at $8.99.

By the time the clock struck 7, we were bushed. It turns out that squats feel mighty fine when you’re too tired to stand. 

And yes, we’re proud to look like a gaggle of FOBs.

On our way back to our friends’ home, we stopped at Blue Agave for dinner. My hubby and I split three appetizers (Southwestern beef skewers, bacon-wrapped prawns, and guacamole) and a Santa Fe grilled vegetable salad – and marveled at the extent to which soybeans have totally infiltrated every conceivable product in the modern world.

I gotta go pass out. Tomorrow, we’re spending the day at Disney’s California Adventure theme park. And yes, I realize how crazy we are for doubling down on more mouse-related shenanigans. Wish us luck!

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