Happy Tuesday, earthlings.

Because my nightshifts resume tomorrow night, I crammed in tons of kiddo-bonding time today.

Shortly after I rolled out of bed, I whipped up a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs, smoked wild salmon, and cherry tomatoes.

The Double-Os and I had planned a trip to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, so I packed us snacks and agua before leaving our hotel. (Yes, we’re still living out of suitcases. Our house is still in disrepair, though we hope to be back by the end of the month.) I also threw a pack or two of Gone Nuts! raw and sprouted nut blends into my bag – I recently purchased a variety pack and I can’t stop eating them. 

Who knew riding on kid-sized coasters and spying on animals could be so much fun?

Despite their incessant bickering, the Double-Os truly love playing with each other. It warms my heart that my boys are so tight.

I failed to spot any healthy eats at the park, so we zoomed over to one of my old favorites, Vung Tau, for a late lunch. I know Vietnamese food isn’t exactly Paleo – there’s lots of sugar, peanuts, and vegetable oil on the menu – but I still love it. So when I make a (rare) stop at a Vietnamese joint, I just try to order as “cleanly” as possible.

For lunch, I gobbled up grilled chicken, prawns, and pork chop with a side salad.

Vung Tau is still as good as I remember.

Bing cherry season has arrived in Northern California, so the boys and I made a mandatory pitstop at C.J. Olson’s to stock up. Bing cherries are my FAVORITE fruit and I consume mass quantities during the fleeting weeks they’re available.

The best way I’ve found to store cherries (and berries) is to refrigerate them in tightly-sealed, paper-towel-lined storage containers. When you store them this way, the fruit’ll stay fresh for at least a week.

In the late afternoon, we accompanied Big-O to his swim camp before heading home to make dinner.

We’ve been dining out WAY too much lately, and I desperately wanted to eat a healthy home-cooked meal. Given that I don’t have the means to hire a private chef and I was double-dog-tired, our supper ended up being a quick and dirty garbage stir-fry.

I fried up some chicken thighs and shallots in coconut oil…

…before adding cabbage, portobello mushrooms…

…and julienned carrots.

Here’s my dinner plate:

While I fixed dinner, I roasted a tray of yams in the oven.

I wanted to make sure my hubby and I had some post-workout starchy carbs available for the week.

Before I split, can you all do me a favor?

If you’ve downloaded the latest version of my iPad app (and you happen to dig it), PLEASE rate and review it on the App Store. If you already did so for a previous version, THANK YOU – but can you rate/review the current one, too? It helps TREMENDOUSLY! So far, there’s only a smattering of reviews for version 1.3, so to light a spark: I’ll have another awesome giveaway once we reach 100 for v. 1.3!

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