happy mommies’ day!

can you hear me? i lost my voice this morning, so i can only whisper in small caps…

i’m gonna keep this brief because i wanna spend time with my boys and recover from this sore throat. as a gift to myself, i’m going to forego posting my paleo eats tonight. in fact, after posting pics of the delicious mother’s day breakfast the double-os served me this morning…

…i’m turning off my computer today.

but first, a psa on some cool paleo bidness:

1. starting tomorrow, dr. kim mulvihill is doing another weeklong series on the paleo lifestyle. it’ll be shown in the san francisco bay area on channel 5 (kpix) at 5 p.m. monday through friday, and each segment’ll be posted on the channel’s webpage under the “health” tab as soon as it airs. after they’re broadcast, click here to watch the segments online.

2. paleo f(x) dvds are now available for sale right here. (full disclosure: this is an affiliate link, so if you decide to buy a set of dvds, i get a small percentage.)

check out this promo clip that highlights some of the cool stuff that was featured in this historic conference (and see if you can spot me in it!):

3. now to the fun stuff: how about some free swag?

for all the mommies out there (and people with mommies), enter to win:

  • a package of lamb shoulder and two packs of ground lamb provided by the fine folks at lava lake lamb ($75 value) and…
  • a pair of sold-out nom nom paleo knee highs!

lava lake lamb is totally legit.

everything i’ve bought from lava lake is 100% american grass fed, non-gamey, and beloved by everyone in the nombomb clan (even lil-o!). plus, lava lake’s also committed to protecting the land it uses and spearheading conservation action in the pioneer mountain region where the lambs graze.

did i mention that the lamb they produce is fantastic?

here’s how to enter:


  • you must reside in the united states of america (sorry!)
  • you must like the lava lake lamb facebook fan page AND sign up for their newsletter here
  • pin this contest on pinterest OR share this contest on facebook or twitter (be sure to tag me so i know you did it!)
  • after you finish all these steps, please leave just one comment after this blog post telling me you followed directions by 5/15/12 at 9 p.m. PST

good luck! now, go hug your kids, mom, dads, pets, pet rocks, whatever!

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