How’s everyone doing today? Mama desperately needs her beauty rest so this post will be short and sweet.

In the morning, I wrapped a Pure Wrap around leftover sous vide New York steak, sautéed mushrooms, and Classic Caraway Kraut from Farmhouse Culture. 

Now that I eat kraut as a condiment rather than straight-up, I lurve it. See? You can teach an old bee-with-an-itch new tricks.

After the kids were shuttled to school, I spent the morning and afternoon cooking, cooking, cooking. 

I tossed some curly, fresh kale leaves with macadamia nut oil

…and baked a batch of kale chips.

Then, I sautéed some onions and garlic…

…added tomato paste…

…deglazed with chicken broth…

…and tossed the veggies in the slow cooker along with the seasoned chicken. I set the machine to cook on low for 4 hours and continued my cooking marathon.

At lunchtime, I made a quick scramble with diced asparagus and cherry tomatoes.

After I scarfed down my meal, I topped the previously salted top round roasts with melted coconut oil and a homemade Dukkah crust (recipe will be in my upcoming iPad app).

After I let the chilled roasts sit at room temp for an hour, I popped them in the oven to slow roast at 250ºF until the internal temp reached 130ºF (about 90 minutes).

I also washed some berries for the boys to snack on when they got home from school.

I ate a bunch, too.

In the late afternoon, Henry came over to shoot some video. Nope, I’m not talking about Fitbomb – even though both of these gents share the same name, wield cameras with a purpose, and eat Paleo. 

More cooking ensued while the camera rolled…

I plated Slow Cooker Roast Chicken and Gravy

…baked Prosciutto-Wrapped Mini Frittata Muffins

…broiled asparagus…

…and browned the slow-roasted top round roasts.

I’ve finally found a decent way to cook my least favorite cut from my Marin Sun Farms CSA box. Sheeesh! It took me long enough…

Here’s my dinner plate:


We just submitted the Nom Nom Paleo app to Apple for approval tonight!

Tomorrow, we’ll announce the launch date and post a homemade video that highlights the cool features. Stay tuned!

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Hello! My name is Michelle Tam, and I love to eat. I think about food all the time. It borders on obsession. I’ve always loved the sights and smells of the kitchen. My mother was (and is) an excellent cook, and as a kid, I was her little shadow as she prepared supper each night. From her, I gained a deep, abiding love for magically transforming pantry items into mouth-watering family meals.

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