While I was at the hospital, I nursed a giant thermos of bone broth and held off on lunch until the end of the shift. I didn’t eat my chow until close to 7 o’clock ‘cause I knew I’d packed leftover cheater top round stew and curried cauliflower.

The most aggravating thing about this dish is that the flavors were good – some bites of beef were even tender and delicious – but then I’d get a mouthful that tasted like sawdust. Curses!

I guess one of the pitfalls of being a member of a meat CSA is that you’ll occasionally end up with stuff you don’t love, but you’ve just got to grin and bear it. Don’t get me wrong – I know that a cow is made up of much more than just short ribs, but complaining is fun. By the way, thanks to all of you who shared cooking tips on how to tackle this obnoxious cut. Until I forget I hate this cut, I’m gonna reserve the rest of the top round roasts in the freezer for Fitbomb to jerkify.

When I returned home in the morning, I prepped the ingredients for Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice

…before hitting the sack.

In the evening, I took out the fresh picked Dungeness crab that I picked up from Siren SeaSA…

…sliced up some bacon….

…whipped some eggs…

…and stir-fried a big pan of crab and bacon cauliflower fried rice.

As a super simple veggie side, I tossed some asparagus spears with melted lard, salt, and pepper…

…and broiled them for about 5 minutes. I finished the dish with a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar.

I LOVE asparagus season! My pee is gonna smell ripe for weeks.

Here’s my dinner plate:

Okay, folks – I won’t be posting a Paleo Eats tomorrow because it’s my designated biweekly vacay from blogging.

In my absence, you should definitely check out:

  • Robb Wolf’s revamped website here and his new Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide. This handy e-book will show you how to be a frugal cave person – just in time to save your pennies to buy my upcoming iPad cooking app! It’s filled with awesome tips, meal planning, recipes, and tons and tons of resources. And, uh, a bunch of my recipes and one of my videos may be in it. What? You need an additional incentive? How about this: if you buy it by April 4th, it’s only $14.99! Purchase it here.
  • Laura’s spot-on post over at Ancestralize Me about how Paleo Women are Phat. I love this smart cookie.
  • Matt’s cheeky article over at Paleo Parents about getting it on. Boom-chicka-wow-wow.
  • Russ’s awesome Paleo/WAPF recipes and drool-worthy pics at The Domestic Man. Everything looks delicious – especially this Kalbi recipe.
  • Punchfork’s new gluten-free search filter! I’m honored to be a publisher on this fantastic recipe sharing site.

That should be plenty for you to chew on until I get back!

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