I miss my Paleo buddies from PaleoFX (check out my hubby’s pics here), but I’m glad to be home again. Unfortunately, the Double-Os are feverish and both of ‘em are cursed right now with exploding orifices (yes, I went there), so I’ve spent the last two days alternatively snuggling with them and mopping up super-nasty messes.

The first thing I did when I came home yesterday was to simmer a big pot of pressure cooker meaty bone broth made with carrots, leeks, beef cross shanks, and oxtails.

Our whole family has been nursing bowls of broth ever since I returned from Austin. I’m the only one in good health right now (knock on wood), and I’m hoping this broth’s going to keep me that way.

Since I didn’t have time to buy groceries or make anything complicated today, I kept my meals simple and quick.

For breakfast, I slurped up a bowl of meaty bone broth with leftover braised greens.

My late lunch consisted of a nuked yam accompanied by a super-fast stir-fry of chopped cauliflower and leftover soup meat seasoned with Adobo seasoning

At dinnertime, I broiled some asparagus and fried up Thai omelets (eggs, fish sauce, and lime juice).

And that’s all I’m going to say about my day. The rest of it was too gross to describe.

Oh, before I hit the sheets, I’ll leave you with this brain teaser:

While the kids napped, I crashed on the couch to watch a documentary on Netflix, and this pretty lady caught my eye. Who’s the Pink lookalike pictured below and what’s the name of the flick she’s featured in?

You have until tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/20/12) at 5 pm PST to post your answers to BOTH questions in the comments section. I’ll randomly pick a winner from the correct responses and he/she will win a pair of (sold out!) Nom Nom Paleo socks!

(UPDATE! And the winner is…BRITTANI FILEK! She knew that the the purty woman pictured above is Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan from the film, Hell on Wheels. Congrats!)

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