As I type this post, I can hear the waves crashing down on the beach below our room. It sure makes me cranky that we’re leaving Cabo tomorrow. Luckily, we spent the day replaying our greatest hits from earlier in the week.

For breakfast, I fried some omelets filled with leftover steak from Patagonia, sautéed onions, and baby spinach.

I swiped each forkful in a mound of guacamole before it entered my craw.

Afterwards, the boys and I did a family burpee workout out on the balcony…

…and walked up and down the hills around our resort. We had to stay active ‘cause we knew we’d being stuffing our faces for the rest of the day.

At lunchtime, we took a cab down to Big-O’s favorite restaurant in Cabo, Gordo Lele, to chow on tacos again.

This time, I was determined eat the WHOLE enchilada, er, taco –- homemade corn tortillas and all. If Melissa and Dallas say it’s okay to indulge in super-awesome corn tortillas in Mexico, I’m gonna savor a few at the best taco stand in town. This time I ordered a couple carne asada ones…

…and a chorizo taco.

It’d been a looooooong time since I ate a taco wrapped in a tortilla instead of a lettuce leaf, and lemme tell you: this was like NBA action – it’s FANTASTIC.

Fitbomb and I had no regrets – the tortillas were definitely worth the cheat. Plus, we probably won’t eat ’em again until we come back to Mexico, which won’t be for a while because we weren’t suckered into buying a(nother) timeshare.

Our meal ended on a high note when Javier serenaded the restaurant with some Beatles tunes – complete with props and wigs.

Big-O is convinced that Javier is in fact the fifth Beatle (how could the Gordo Lele menu cover be wrong?), and he kept asking us how he ended up in Cabo San Lucas. 

We took a cab back to the resort and spent the rest of the afternoon splashing around in the pool with the kids.

Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my boys…

…except for eating a great meal with them.

For dinner, we headed to La Fonda again. I like that their menu reminds me to stay Paleo.

The maguey worms were an exciting treat last time, but we opted for a little less Fear Factor on this outing. Tonight, we started with roasted bone marrow (tuetanos tut tut) – which came five(!) to a plate AND with a side of guacamole instead of toast points…

…octopus sautéed in butter with dried chiles (pulpos careyes)…

…and the “Country Starter for 2 people” (entremes Campirano) which included marinated pork meat sautéed with cactus leaf, two types of chorizo, cheese, guacamole, and chicharrones.

By the time we finished eating the appetizers, we were already pretty full. I guess eating lots of fat and meat can do that.

Still, the main dishes didn’t disappoint. We had cochinita pibil (pork braised with achiote and sour orange)…

…and braised lamb shank.

Both entrees were piled high with meat, and we struggled to finish everything despite the deliciousness.

From our two visits to La Fonda, I’ve picked out a few favorites: the bone marrow, country starter for two, and braised short ribs. Definitely check out La Fonda and Gordo Lele if you’re ever in Cabo.

Okay folks, it’s time to split because we need to cram all our smelly clothes into our luggage. The next time I post, we’ll be back home in the chilly Bay Area.

Buenos noches!

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