Whole30 Day 11: Carrot + Cardamom Soup by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com

Before we get to today’s recipe, I want to share with you a million reasons why Michael Ruhlman is awesome. But I know you’ll get impatient—and I don’t want to sound like too much of a crazy fangirl—so let me boil ’em down to just eight:

1. Some of the greatest chefs in the world—from Eric Ripert to Thomas Keller—have chosen him to write their cookbooks. Among the classic recipe books Ruhlman’s penned for these culinary giants are The French Laundry Cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home, Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide, and A Return to Cooking. Over the years, all of these books (and chefs) have greatly expanded my palate and passion for food.

Whole30 Day 11: Carrot + Cardamom Soup by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com

2. Ruhlman himself is a James Beard Award winning cookbook author, churning out some of the most definitive guides to modern home cooking: Ratio, The Elements of Cooking, Salumi, Charcuterie, Ruhlman’s Twenty, Egg, Schmaltz, and How to Roast. Copies of each of these books are on my bookshelves, as they’re all invaluable resources.

Whole30 Day 11: Carrot + Cardamom Soup by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com

3. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Ruhlman’s produced eye-opening accounts of embarking on a professional cooking career. If you’re looking to cook for a living, then The Making of a Chef, The Soul of a Chef, and The Reach of a Chef are required reading. (Of course, reading these books also convinced me that—unlike my big sister—I am not cut out for a professional kitchen!)

4. He’s married to his food photographer (just like me)!

5. Ruhlman convincingly argued that rounded wooden spoons are useless

6. …but instead of just complaining about it, he came up with his own line of butt-kicking utensils.

7. He can be wonderfully snarky and ranty—just like his friends. (See., e.g., Anthony Bourdain.)

8. Although Ruhlman isn’t a Paleo adherent, he’s been a supporter of mine, inviting me to guest post on his site, and going out of his way to recommend my app and my book. When I saw that he picked Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans as one of his favorite cookbooks, I just about died and went to food-geek heaven. It’s not every day that one of your culinary heroes gives you a big thumbs-up.

So when Ruhlman asked to post my recipe for Carrot + Cardamom Soup, I jumped at the chance. I’m thrilled that it ended up being one of the top posts on his site in 2014, and I’m even more excited to be able to share it again with you today.

Whole30 Day 11: Carrot + Cardamom Soup by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com

Especially on chilly January nights, I can’t think of anything better to slurp. Carrot + Cardamom Soup is warm and comforting, with a depth of flavor that will surprise you. Best of all, its bright, sunny disposition serves as a welcome glimpse of the coming spring. So grab your blender and some Bone Broth, click on the recipe, and let’s get cooking!

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